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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed. Images Scientific American - September 2000 - Muscle, Genes and Athletic Performance - Jesper L. Slow-twitch muscle-fibers on the other hand, contract slowly and support smoother, lower intensity repetitive contractions, related to endurance-type activities. In closingWhile not wanting to refute any of the advice given on this page, I would suggest that you also consult the page on Somatotypes, as it discusses important aspects which are linked to muscle structure and fiber properties. How doyou explain people who arent good with dynamic banded work but still excell at big lifts? Many accomplished long-distance runners also have some fast twitch muscle fibers, but they have a ton of slow-twitch, which work far much longer than fast-twitch muscles, but not with as much force.
Anyway, last summer, I was tootling around on the web and came across an ad from 23andMe which is one of the premiere personal genomics and biotech companies which provides genetic testing for hundreds of traits and diseases as well as a complete DNA profile.
Turns out, 23andMe has been offering DNA testing services since November 2007 and by 2011, it had accumulated a database of more than 100,000 people. The test told me lots of things I already knew about myself: That I was likely lactose intolerant, that my eye color was likely brown, and that I had decreased odds of developing male pattern baldness. Clearly, I need to work more on endurance and less on speed during workouts and it’s good to know that my DNA results from 23andme back that up. I love that genetics testing has emerged to settle this political nonsense once and for all!

However, they are  totally burned-out by the time they cross the finish-line a mere 100 meters later. You can do things to enhance your physical traits, like wear high-heeled shoes if you are short or dye your hair a different color. Your body is built with some pre-set factory conditions that can’t be undone by Yasso 800s or 20-mile long runs. The kind of genes they passed on to you could be the difference between your potential to run a 5K in the 17s or the 20s. My times in shorter distances are much faster than what my times should be for longer distances. Yet few of those people were black people, so the genetics testing company had little information about the traits and DNA profiles of African-Americans. It also told me that, among other things, that I had a high risk for developing asthma and for having celiac disease (allergic to wheat products). According to 23andme, “Many world-class sprinters and some endurance athletes have this genotype.” The only way I get a copy of this gene (called ACTN3) is through my parents.
People are not the same, as unpleasant as that may seem to those who don’t have the looks, athleticism or intelligence they feel is owed them by life. I find that focusing on the medium rep-range and occasionally doing some lower and higher-rep work, keeps me in my desired optimal shape. To be sure, you can become a more efficient runner with more quality runs, but there is a limit to the improvement you can make.

In a later post, I’ll get more into V02Max and how you can use it to set training paces to get faster.
Some people have two working copies of this gene which are found in most all world-class athletes. Not to be rude, but some people are down right ignorant of how all important genetics is ie. A veteran runner who trains about 40 miles a week and can run a 20-minute 5K will not turn into a Kenyan-quick 15-minute 5K on 80 miles a week. Grace Kennedy who thought being athletic just has to do with how much you “exercise”!!!
According to most running calculators, a person able to run a 19-minute 5K should be able to run a sub 3:10 marathon.
I really tried but she stayed just a little ahead of me for the short distance of the grass we were racing on. I think I do have some chance as I was a fast and strong child and my children are as well. I was so mad I cried (I was only in fifth grade.) Even right then I sensed that there was some intrinsic difference in some very fast black people.

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