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It always amazes me that shooters have no trouble accepting that we overemphasize accuracy in some of our training (shooting slow, deliberate groups at a pace that is completely impractical from a fighting standpoint, or a game standpoint, or whatever)… but ask them to overemphasize speed and their brains melt.
The best advice I ever heard on this subject came from Erik Lund (IPSC GM, LEO, and instructor at U.S. Some people like to fantasize that they have achieved a zen-like state when they spout the above.
When you are in the fight, and your body reacts involuntarily (adrenaline rush, blood constriction to the body cavity to protect vital organs, loss of fine motor skills), but need to exercise some fine motor skills (reloading a bolt action rifle for instance, or changing a magazine), smooth is just as good as fast, but not necessarily the same.
I think JoeG has a very good point, and I have seen that concept at work with our nations finest warriors.
I agree that you need to push the speed in practice, but you have to be very careful about the opposite. Now usually I can go “fast” and do all that in 3 seconds, but this time I fumble the load (going too fast to be smooth), and so this time it takes me 6 seconds.

All text, images, and HTML code Copyright © 2007-2016 TLG Tactical Consulting, LLC or their respective owners. Please check the course you are attending to determine whether you require a Orange Hi-Vis Trousers. One of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen, was a major league baseball player sweating through a workout on ESPN. In addition, we also offer onsite CPR and First Aid classes to groups, small businesses, corporations and government entities. At a certain point, speed comes from working at speed, not working to be smoother. Smooth is not fast. It means that if you really want to push yourself to be faster, you need to go beyond your current comfort level and accept that some of your shots won’t be in the x-ring.
If I fumble one reload out of a hundred, though, it’s silly to take a third longer on every single reload just to avoid that possible 1-in-100 chance of a problem.

The smoothest draw in the world doesn’t get the gun from your holster to extension faster.
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