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In the latest installment of their ongoing expansion into the Internet of Things, Cisco recently announced an agreement with Swiss security firm AGT International to develop smart traffic systems for cities around the world. It's also designed to compete with a competitor who already has a lock on the smart cities market. But it looks their initial customer base will be outside the United States; according to a report in Fortune, rollout over the next three-to-five years will mainly be in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

According to a press release, the system is designed to provide long-term analytics on traffic accidents and to allow different agencies to share video feeds. Nevertheless, it's part of a much larger trend in which city, state, and federal agencies use sensors to monitor the smallest aspects of everyday urban life. While road sensors are commonly used to track traffic or weather damage to pavement, Google's eventual hope is that sensors placed at regular intervals on interstate highways can help guide driverless cars to their destination and provide a crucial vehicle spacing mechanism.

Smart roads, and a constant stream of data for government from drivers, are likely to be a moneymaker for companies like Cisco, AGT, IBM, and Google for years to come.

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