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Video contents on our website are iframe (we dont host them) others links to external sites, comments, pictures and stories posted on this website will be given due credit and it's not our fault, if we give original credit to the site it is culled from. From Eminem to DMX to Missy Elliot, we think these 20 hip-hop songs will deliver the perfect amount of fun, intensity, and energy, along with a delicate a hint of nostalgia.
We only have one request: Don't let the awesomeness of this playlist distract you from killing your workout. Although this pregame pick-me-up jam could hardly be more popular, we didn't think any good workout playlist could exist without Eminem's promise to never fucking quit. The lyrics don't make sense and the sound is experimental, but that doesn't mean this song won't mix well with squats and pull-ups. We're taking hip-hop back to 1999: back to hitting corners in low lows and perfecting the beat.
You know those times when you want to find just the right song for those really difficult sets?
You don't have to drink till you're "faded" to understand the lesson behind this one: Don't go in halfheartedly. We've all had those days: you're feeling disheartened with your progress and don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dawn your camo, swing from the chandelier, and bask in the memory of that awesomely gross virtual spit heard around the world.
If you were ever cool enough to pop your collar, then you know exactly why this song is such an important part of contemporary culture. This badass song is a solid reminder that no matter how shitty other people can be, you'll survive if you're true to yourself.
Let Khalifa's ode to the Pittsburg Steelers and his black-and-yellow-striped ride fuel your gains.
It's simple math: What do you get when you combine ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name?
For many of us, music is the motivator behind that last rep, that new 1RM, or that faster run. Sometimes, just hauling yourself off the couch is a challenge; other days it's that elusive bench press PR that gets you down. You might be working out in Akron, Ohio, but 2Pac can make you feel like you're lifting in the middle of a California party. A quick listen and you'll surely get lost in the catchy, repetitive beats of this queen of the hip-hop game.

If you weren't, then adding this song to your workout playlist will remind you why you started working out in the first place.
You don't have to be a fan of the combo to get behind the message: Go big or go home, right? Two things: a sick song to blast when you're crushing the iron, and a push to ensure your name is remembered. When the going gets tough you need to reach into your pocket, pull out your iPod, and listen to this playlist.
When the chorus begs the question: "Who do you love?" go ahead and give your reflection a wink.
As if the city of lights needed another claim to fame, they've now got this song by two hip-hop moguls.
If you're going to narrow your playlist down to one song and one song only, this better be a top contender.

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