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They are not a separate muscle, but an extension of your rectus abdominals, better known as your "six pack", that then attach to the bones at your pelvis & hips.
Pelvic Tilt Reverse Curl Starting With The Basics - A Pelvic TiltYour PositionLay on the floor, an exercise mat or on an exercise ball. Bend your knees and rest your feet flat on the floor and arms relaxed at your sides *Special note* - if using an exercise ball, you don't need to bend your knees - just raise your hips slightly to create a ?table top? position parallel to the floor. Lower Abdominal Muscles & Glut Max Muscles (Butt Muscles!)Step By Step Instructions Tighten your abdominals and buttocks muscles - but focus on tightening your abs. One trick I use to make sure I'm using my abs is to put one of my hands over my abs during the exercise and make sure I can feel some tightening under my hand of the abdominal muscles. Flat Stomach Workouts For the Perfect Abs Tired of spending hours everyday trying to get that perfect abs?
When beginning rehabilitation phase of your postpartum belly you should start with the most gentle exercise. A house that is filled with kids and you don’t face situations with knee scrapes or a cut is near next to impossible. Apply Effective Conservation Methods: 20+ Remarkable Ways to Conserve Soil Our soil is very important when it comes to our quality of life. Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) is a procedure to remove loose, excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen, frequently performed after the completion of pregnancies.
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Get up and start these three easy flat stomach workouts - the secrets to firm and perfectly toned abs.Basically your abdomen muscles are divided into oblique, upper abs and the lower abs. Skin may hang, abdominal muscles may be slack and provide less back support, and neither can be improved by exercise.
Each section has appropriate exercise to effectively eliminate abdominal fats and retain its smooth muscle.One perfect home workout for the external and internal oblique or the love handle is the cross crunch.
On a mat, lie down on your back and set your left knee on a rest while the right on a bent to create a 90-degree angle with the flat surface.Raise the left leg and position it with your ankle on top of the right knee. Lace your hands together behind your head and do cross crunches by tightening the abdomen while keeping the lower back at rest on the mat. Lift off the floor by taking a shift from the right to the left elbow, which should still be touching the floor. The shoulder and the right arm are in a twist to bring the elbow close to the left knee as possible. Put your body back into its original position gradually.Another basic home abs exercise which targets the upper abdominal muscle is the basic crunch.
This is done by lying on your back and having your knees bent with feet resting on the floor. The hands should be positioned at the back of your ears; and the lower back should stay flat on the floor as your shoulders curl forward.

Breathe in as the stomach abs is tensed and breathe out as you lift.Considering rectus abdomens as one long muscle, reverse crunch may work not just for the lower abs but also for the upper stomach. Lean back and use your elbows to keep your upper body propped up, off of the mat, with your palms facing down. Keep your feet together or crossed as you curl your hips and stretch the legs up to the ceiling. With your hips on the ground and your knees still at a 90-degree angle, bring your legs over to the left slowly, lower them, bring them back to center, then slowly bring them over to the right.
This looks like the top of a pushup position, but instead of supporting your body with your hands, bend your elbows and lower down onto your forearms.
Step your left foot toward your hands as you begin to lift your hips slightly, then step in with your right foot, lifting your hips a little more. You will experience better posture, improved performance in your workouts, injury prevention, increased protection for your back, and a more stable center of gravity. The Effects of Cardio Between Weight Lifting Sets More Natural Triceps Exercises Without Dumbbells What Makes You Lose Weight Faster: Running or the Elliptical? Different Push Up Styles Related Articles Is Morning or Night the Best Time to Lift Weights?

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