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His responses grow intelligent, or gain meaning, simply because he lives and acts in a medium of accepted meanings and values. Did you know that your body is made up of lots & lots (and I mean LOTS) of muscle cells -aka muscle fibers? Skeletal muscle is composed of bundles of individual muscle fibers, and each of those fibers has various proteins in them that slide, grab on to, and pull on one another, causing muscle activation, movement, contractions, etc. These muscle fibers are also known as Type I, and they function best by using oxygen to create energy & forces necessary for long, sustained movements.
Although we all have a bit of both types of muscle fibers, it is definitely believed (and proven in certain biopsies) that endurance racers have a greater proportion of slow-twitch muscle fibers than does the average person.
These muscle fibers are also known as Type II, and they can actually be broken down into Type IIa and Type IIb fibers. But first of all, fast-twitch muscle fibers are best at using anaerobic metabolic measures to create energy (i.e. Type IIa fibers are known as intermediate fast-twitch because these fibers can use aerobic or anaerobic means to generate force.
Fun fact: if you look at biopsied fibers, slow-twitch are redder in color, and fast-twitch are whiter in color.

I remember in my exercise phys class studying these fibers & realizing that I was never, ever going to be a great sprinter. We all have all those muscle fibers I just listed, so who’s to say you can’t train to get the maximum potential out of those bad boys?!
A lot of hard work pays off, especially since we (meaning researchers) don’t really know all the answers yet. I feel like I probably have more fast-twitch fibers…I remember doing well in the sprinting events in track and field in elementary school, but long distance running is a lot more difficult for me. Yep, it’s highly likely that you do then But once again, you’ll have both, no matter what! There are distinctions because each type tends to respond better to certain training protocols, exercises, and physical activities. I was totally born with more slow-twitch than fast-twitch fibers (I can go on forever, but I am not the fastest sprinter in the bunch). Just means you’re a lot more likely to see me doing intervals than going for a 10 mile run.
Long distance running has always appealed to me more so I’ve just always gravitated toward the idea of it.

It’s so important to train all areas and realms to work the entire musculoskeletal system. The procedure is simple: After a proper warm-up, load the bar to 80% of your maximum and perform as many reps as you can in good form. I actually ended up showering 3 different times yesterday, and getting in some serious work at the gym. These babies are responsible for allowing you to do quick plyometrics moves, cleans, sprints, and other quick, powerful movements efficiently & quickly. And so these are definitely helpful for anyone who likes to do a mix of powerful moves for a bit longer time.
So I’m assuming from all that training I developed those, although now I like sprints more. If you want to be a better sprinter, or quicker at burpees or other power moves, then TRAIN at them.

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