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Many of the clinical studies that show creatine can make you stronger were done with Creapure® German Creatine. Fuller, harder muscles When you want the best, use what National and World Powerlifting record holders use -- Fitness Labs German Creatine. Creatine increases the amount of fluid inside muscle cells to make your muscles feel fuller and give you a harder, more defined look. Greater strength and power Creatine can prolong the amount of time your body remains within the ATP-CP cycle before it reaches muscular failure. In the University of Texas study mentioned above, the athletes added 18 pounds to their single-repetition bench press, going from an average of 278 lbs. A separate study found that a week of creatine supplementation boosts mean power output by 6 percent! Steroids, EPO, and Other Performance Enhancing Drugs – On Creatine, Whey Protein, HMB, and Nitric Oxide Boosters.
In the final installment of our series on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) we’re going to shift our focus off of illicit PEDs and spend some time discussing legal PEDs, you know, the kind of PEDs that you see lining the shelves every time you stroll down the aisles of a Wal-Mart pharmacy. Whey protein is generally safe for people who have normally functioning kidneys and for people who do not have an allergy to milk or to milk products. Creatine may give you arms like this…if you combine it with ungodly amounts of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, exogenous insulin, cosmetic oil injections, etc. In the early 90’s someone got the bright idea that packing your muscles full of more creatine than they naturally contain might improve athletic performance and, for sports that require short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest (e.g. Allowing yourself to get dehydrated during summer football camp is a good way to experience this firsthand.
Medical shorthand for a basic metabolic panel (BMP) and a complete blood count (CBC), two of the most common blood tests that doctors order. There is no (good) evidence that supplemental creatine is toxic to the kidneys but common sense would tell you that people with kidney diseases or with other diseases that predispose them to developing kidney diseases (e.g. Creatine is not without real side-effects and the most common of these are GI upset (it pulls water into the gut and can give you diarrhea) and dehydration (both from diarrhea and because creatine sucks water into the muscles). Nitric Oxide Boosters: Are primarily marketed to men with erectile dysfunction and to athletes, which may seem a little bit counterintuitive since the erectile problem that most male athletes have is that they are excessively horny. Nitric oxide boosters are relatively new on the market (in widespread use for about 10 years) and their efficacy for both erectile dysfunction and for athletes who are trying to build muscle is highly debatable and needs more study. A severe weightlifting accident that occurred during the Beijing Olympics (I sincerely hope that he was okay) and a poignant reminder that putting a huge amount of weight on your back can be really dangerous! HMB: Is a derivative of the amino acid leucine that is naturally found in most of the proteins in your body and in most of the proteins in your diet (which is where your body gets it from in the first place!) HMB appears to be anti-catabolic to muscle tissue and possibly anabolic as well.
Currently it looks like HMB probably works, although the effect isn’t massive or super quick like some of the illicit PEDs (the same is true of creatine, which has a modest effect when compared to anabolic steroids). An image of a naturally-occurring substance, spitting cobra venom, and an example of the kind of person who necessitates me having a huge disclaimer at the end of every blog post (the stupidity of some people is truly amazing). Note: The first two links are to The National Institutes of Health’s excellent website, which provides an overview of the efficacy and side-effects of the most popular medications and nutritional supplements. Physician and Author of Medical School 101, Intrusive Memory, The Life of a Colonial Fugitive, and The Cannabinoid Hypothesis. Remember to discuss all health concerns with your personal physician (I don’t count!) before making any medical decisions. The opinions voiced on this medical blog are solely the author’s own and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of Dr.
This entry was posted in doctor blog, health, medical blog, medicine, physician, Uncategorized and tagged Creatine, creatine hard on the kidneys, creatine kidney damage, creatine monohydrate, does creatine work, HMB, is creatine safe, is HMB safe, is whey protein safe, legal bodybuilding supplements, legal muscle supplements, nitric oxide boosters, PEDs, performance enhancing drugs, protein hard on the kidneys, roids, steroids, whey protein by zippykidcustomer. I am a former Army battalion surgeon, practicing physician, and author of both fiction and nonfiction books. I originally began writing in high school as a form of self-counseling for a child abuse-induced case of PTSD, which I overcame (at least somewhat), attending medical school and serving my country in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. One thought on “Steroids, EPO, and Other Performance Enhancing Drugs – On Creatine, Whey Protein, HMB, and Nitric Oxide Boosters. So here's a review of what creatine does, when to take creatine, how to take creatine and what to mix creatine with. Creatine also enhances your body's ability to make proteins within its muscle fibers by stimulating the uptake of amino acids.
Leonardo Noto — Practicing Physician, Medical Educator, Nonfiction Author, and Novelist. When milk is allowed to curdle the whey separates from the rest of the milk (the curds) and forms a watery layer on top.
First, it is easily digestible which means that whey protein goes from mouth, to stomach, to bloodstream, to muscles faster than just about any other protein on the market.
The idea that high protein intakes are toxic to the kidneys is probably a myth, although I guess enough of anything (including water) is toxic if you truly take ungodly amounts.  The whole “protein is harsh on the kidneys” urban myth stems from the fact that people with failing kidneys are unable to appropriately excrete the metabolic byproducts of protein and these byproducts can buildup to dangerous levels in these people (especially in people whose kidneys are so bad that they are on dialysis). Dialysis involves running a persons blood through a machine that is essentially an artificial kidney.
Creatine phosphate is a backup fuel that your muscles use when they run out of their primary fuel, ATP, and it allows the muscles to contract for just a little bit longer than they normally would be able to when the body is really exerting itself.

Like protein, creatine should not be used by people with kidney problems because its metabolic byproduct, creatinine, can’t be excreted into the urine of people with chronic or end-stage (on dialysis) kidney disease at a high enough rate to prevent it from building up in the bloodstream. Creatinine, the metabolic byproduct of creatine, is found in the lower panel on the bottom row (third from the right). Anyone who has chosen to take creatine should be obsessive about staying well-hydrated, especially football players who practice for long hours under the summer sun. Nitric oxide boosters are actually just the amino acid L-arginine, which is found in most proteins that you eat whether the protein is coming from milk, meat, beans, or whatever.
The guys selling this product got into a lot of trouble with The Feds for refusing to let people cancel their recurring subscriptions without a doctors evaluation stating that the dietary supplement didn’t enhance their sexual performance! First, taking a nitric oxide booster before lifting weights can allow a greater muscle “pump” and the greater stretch on your muscle cells when a muscle is gorged full of blood is thought to provide a stimulus for growth, partly via the stretch and partly because greater blood flow to a muscle also means that more oxygen and nutrients are getting to the said muscle. With that said, I think that it is quite reasonable for anyone with issues with blood pressure in general and low blood pressure in particular to avoid potentially vasodilating nutritional supplements, like nitric oxide boosters, like the plague. There are two main metabolic processes at play in your muscle tissues at all times, anabolism and catabolism. The list is extensive but, due to the huge numbers of drugs and nutritional supplements, nonetheless incomplete.
Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) on exercise performance and body composition across varying levels of age, sex, and training experience: A review. Leonardo Noto is the nom de plume of a former airborne battalion surgeon who is now in civilian practice. My first novel, "The Life of a Colonial Fugitive," is an historical thriller based in the American Revolution that I wrote while on military deployment to Iraq. The first is a memoir entitled "Intrusive Memory" that is about overcoming sadistic child abuse and PTSD to accomplish my goal of becoming a physician. My hobbies include playing the guitar, amateur Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and spending time with my pet bulldog, who is 11 months old!
I pride myself on my detailed research and I never write about anything that I haven't spent at least a year researching. Your muscle fiber thickness increases, so you pack on more mass.* Bigger muscles faster Creatine supplementation can speed your muscle growth by boosting the synthesis rate of ATP. In short (I’m not an expert on cheese production!), whey protein is produced by pouring the whey off of the curds and then by drying it into a powder. This is really important because the muscles able to take up greater amounts of amino acids than they normally are during the first two hours after exercise. I don’t know very many athletes with chronic or end-stage kidney disease and I think that it is safe to assume that whey protein is perfectly safe in most people. The dialysis machine removes the waste products from the patient’s blood that their kidneys are no longer capable of processing. A good example of how the creatine phosphate backup system is useful in nature is to imagine two tigers fighting.
Creatine also appears to be anabolic, resulting in muscle growth, and this is possibly due to its osmotic effects — sucking greater quantities of water into muscles than would naturally be there, therefore making them bigger. The idea that some doctors still promote that creatine is toxic to the kidneys stems from the fact that creatinine is used as a proxy for kidney damage by physicians. With that said, as far as we know (remember, creatine has only been in widespread use for about 20 years) creatine is perfectly safe for most athletes.
In addition to being used by the body to make new proteins for your cells, the body also digests some L-arginine to make nitric oxide, a compound that causes your blood vessels to dilate (i.e. Second, taking nitric oxide boosters after exercise is hypothesized to allow nutrients (i.e. However, unlike creatine, which has been used by millions of people, HMB is a more esoteric supplement due to its rather hefty price.
One final word on nutritional supplements that anyone who takes them should be well aware of: nutritional supplements are categorized as such because they are not regulated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The author has made every effort to present accurate information; however, due to the ever-changing nature of medicine and the intrinsic caveats that are inherent in any particular case, no medical decisions should ever be made based on information gleaned from the internet (duh!).
My second novel is a dark medical thriller entitled, "The Cannabinoid Hypothesis," that explores the life of a streetkid who becomes a neurosurgeon, taking the world by storm with his invention of an implantable medical device for the palliation of schizophrenia.
I also generally visit locations, even foreign ones, at least once before I write about them, which I believe greatly aids the accuracy my writing (and it's fun too!). It'll give you several "windows of opportunity" to boost creatine concentrations inside your muscle fibers. Proteins, including whey protein, are digested in the human gastrointestinal tract into amino acids, which are then absorbed by the body and used to make new body proteins.
If tiger “A” has plenty of creatine in his system and tiger “B” doesn’t then tiger “A” is able to keep fighting (or to run away) for 30 seconds or so longer than his opponent, an evolutionary safety mechanism that could understandably mean the difference between surviving a dangerous situation or becoming tiger food in the not very distant past! The evidence is fairly robust in supporting that creatine both improves an athlete’s ability to perform a short burst activity (like lifting a heavy weight or pushing an opposing lineman) and causing muscles to become larger. In order to assess how well the kidneys are working doctors draw blood and look for the level of creatinine that it contains.

I also think that taking these supplements before a workout with heavy weights is probably not the greatest idea because passing out from having a low blood pressure with a 425lb weight on your back doesn’t sound like a very good day to me—SPLAT!!! Please see my “word to the wise” below before considering using any of the nutritional supplements described in this article and please also consult with your physician before use. This means that none of these supplements are required to go through the safety and efficacy trials (studies to prove that the drug is safe and that it works) that substances that are officially categorized as drugs have to go through. Noto is the author of four books and he also writes for a medical education corporation that assists medical students, interns, and residents as they prepare for the medical board examinations.
But the good doctor is now accused of an unspeakable crime and he is being pursued by a team of former Delta Force operators!
Muscle is primarily composed of protein and water and dietary protein is essential if you want your muscles to get bigger and stronger. Most of these protein shakes are also very sugary and the reason for the sugar is to cause an insulin spike. Creatine is not useful in endurance activities and it is actually detrimental to endurance athletes because it predisposes them to dehydration.
Creatinine is not known to be directly toxic to the body, it just happens to be a convenient marker of kidney function because we all naturally have creatine in our muscles that is naturally broken down to creatinine and then excreted into the urine at a fairly steady rate. Since blood vessel dilation is what allows the penis to fill with blood to produce an erection, these supplements are often sold to men as an over-the-counter alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra (which also work via nitric oxide, FYI). Both processes are essential because your proteins contain lots and lots (millions upon millions) of individual proteins and old proteins are constantly wearing out, requiring them to be digested (catabolism) and replaced with new proteins (anabolism). Anyone can stick a label on a bottle of “substance X” and claim that it “may promote muscle growth,” or whatever.
There are typically two phases to taking creatine – a one-week loading phase and a maintenance phase. Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced by your pancreas (an organ that is located near the stomach) and higher levels of insulin further increase the ability of muscles to gobble up amino acids to turn into bigger and stronger muscles. Lactase is an over-the-counter enzyme that breaks down the lactose (milk sugar) that people with lactose intolerance have trouble digesting.
If someone’s creatinine starts rising on their blood tests then doctors know that the kidneys aren’t working very well.
HMB seems to slow the rate of muscle breakdown and to possibly enhance the rate of muscle protein buildup as well. As long as “substance X” is found in nature and has not already been claimed by a drug company this is perfectly legal.
Noto is the proud father of an extremely spoiled 16-month-old American Bulldog who enjoys slobbering everywhere and tearing up things that he is not supposed to! During the 5 to 7 day loading phase, take 5 grams of creatine 3 to 5 times daily for the most immediate results.
People with true milk allergies should never take whey protein and people with any food allergy should talk to their doctor before starting any nutritional supplement in general because you never know! In short, if you’re not perfectly healthy I wouldn’t even consider taking one of these supplements without talking to your physician first, and even if you are in great health it’s still probably a good idea to run it by your doc. Let’s just remember that poison ivy, tobacco, and cobra venom are all found in nature so buyer beware!  Let’s also remember that a lot of these supplements are produced in developing countries with questionable food safety practices—although it is rare, there have been cases of people getting seriously ill and even dying from contaminated nutritional supplements and even from nutritional supplements that were at one time perfectly legal to sell over-the-counter!!!
The creatinine blood test is based on the assumption that you have a fairly steady amount of creatine in your muscles and that any increases in the blood levels of creatinine are due to your kidneys not excreting creatinine. Noto is an amateur practitioner of muay Thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu and he recently began learning to play the guitar (but he is currently a quite terrible musician, as his neighbors will readily attest). You may skip the loading phase and start the maintenance phase for a more gradual approach.
Athletes throw a wrench into this whole equation by increasing the amount of creatine in their muscles which then results in elevated levels of creatinine that throw off the lab test!!! It will take approximately three weeks to achieve the same muscle creatine saturation levels as loading. Not just for bodybuilders Bodybuilders have known how creatine can help build muscle.
But, if you play football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, raquetball, box, throw the discus or javelin, row or swim, creatine can likely enhance your performance, too. In fact, if you play a sport where added muscle strength is a decisive advantage, creatine can almost certainly help you. For example: If you play football or wrestle, creatine can help you overpower your opponents-simply because you can bring more muscle mass and brute force to bear.
Generally speaking, you'll find creatine can help you perform at a higher level in any sport requiring short bursts of concentrated power.
100 grams powder (20 servings) 200 grams powder (40 servings) 500 grams powder (100 servings) 1000 grams powder (200 servings) 300 Capsules (1000 Mg) CreaFit Creatine Transport Powder (42 servings)References: 1.

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