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Fish Oil is an excellent source of Omega- 3 fatty acids in general, but should be standardized for two in particular: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). In his Omega JYM intro video, Jim Stoppani does mention several benefits but focuses on fat-loss and muscle-building in particular, so we’ll discuss those, but feel free to read about additional benefits here.
Fish Oil has been shown to exert certain anti-obesity effects and may be useful, not only for encouraging weight-loss, but also to stay lean. As with weight-loss, Fish Oil does have implications for building muscle, but it is by no means a “muscle builder”. Fish Oil has been shown to augment muscle protein synthesis in humans, but may have additional mechanisms by which it may assist in muscle growth. In fact, one of the most commonly cited benefits of Fish Oil, its ability to encourage blood-glucose uptake into muscle tissue, is probably the most reliable way that it can help you build muscle.
Omega JYM provides precisely 750mg of EPA and 750mg of DHA per serving (two softgels per serving).
We will point out that Omega JYM isn’t the only Fish Oil supplement that lists the exact doses of DHA and EPA. Omega JYM can’t be considered the best Fish Oil supplement out there, but it is a solid one.

The vast majority of health benefits attributed to Fish Oil are due to either EPA, DHA, or both. This is one of those “miracle supplements” that actually lives up to many of the claims made about it. Optimizing glucose uptake into muscle cells is exactly what you want if building lean muscle is your goal. While the amount you should take will depend entirely on what health benefits you’re looking to obtain, it is nice to know exactly how much DHA and EPA you’re getting. We would have to insist that you avoid any Fish Oil supplement that doesn’t disclose the exact doses of EPA and DHA. Although there are other Omega-3’s such as Alpha Linoleic Acid present in Fish Oil as well, those can be obtained from other dietary sources besides oily fish, so deficiencies are rare.

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