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Love handles, muffin top or the more academic ally acceptable: supra-iliac sub cutaneous, adipose tissue , whatever you want to call it, if you have them, love handles are an absolute nightmare –spilling over the tops of your jeans, wobbling as you walk and cursing you with that masculine, barrel shaped upper body.
Love handles are an insulin sensitivity problem; that means your body doesn’t deal with sugar very well. If that wasn?t enough motivation for you, try this – sugar triggers chronic inflammation in your body. To reinforce the avoidance of sugar, and whenever you feel you are ready to give in – keep visualizing and associating love handle misery with sugar in your tea or coffee and soft drinks! Research has shown there is a direct connection between improving gut health with a good probiotic and eliminating those loathsome love handles. Ok, so there you have it- 3 things that will make an ENORMOUS improvement to your love handles before you even have to move a muscle.
Think about it, there are from 565 to 850 muscles in the human body (depending on which expert you consult).
The workout is also designed to improve your insulin sensitivity, relieve stress thereby reducing Cortisol, tone you up all over as well as improve your cardio vascular strength. Chloe the RED works with her clients’ lifestyles, existing injuries, metabolic and hormonal problems as well as their fears and self-doubts. A muffin-top is the cute overhanging fat that spills over the waistline of pants or skirts. Muffin-top was originated as Australian slang in mid-2003 and popularized by the Australian television show Kath & Kim. Muffin top continues to be on top of women’s minds to the extent there is going to be a new movie made and released on muffin top. Luckily, numerous researches and studies have identified effective strategies to combat excess belly fat such as muffin top.
Squeeze your your glutes and engage your lower back to get the best results from this exercise. When holding the isometric or contracted position on the top, you should look like superman when he is flying. This exercise targets your love handles (muffin top or obliques ),lower abs, hips, glutes, and shoulders.

This move works your abs, obliques, lower back, glutes and shoulders and just about every muscle in your body. Keeping your abs engaged and lower back on the ground, slowly lower your right leg until it’s a few inches above the floor. This core strengthening move is the perfect muffin top melter, as it works the obliques, lower abs and upper abs. Move your right hand into standard push-up position, then move your left hand into standard push up position. Mom of a little girl who loves to bake with me and dreams of rock climbing and wife to a loving Paleo clean eating husband of 7 years. 5 incredibly effective muffin top exercises rid , If you're struggling with muffin top or love handles, then you're not alone. At home workouts rid love handles - meraki lane, If you’re sick and tired of complaining about your muffin top, give one of these [free!] at home workouts to get rid of love handles a try! 5 minute oblique workout - loose love handles workouts, Download hasfit interactive trainer app !
Do you look in the mirror, grabbing each meaty love handle and trying to rip them off, calling yourself ugly and filling yourself with self hate and frustration?
I have been there, my clients have been there – we’ve managed to make some massive improvements on our love handles of horror so now, it’s sharing time!
If the thought of giving up coca cola, fanta or sugar in your tea fills you with horror – then go back to that mirror, pull on those hefty love handles again and know that they are there because of the sugar, sugar is the cause of your love handle unhappiness! Sugar is doing that to you, sugar is the cause of your love handle frustrations and misery! You know all those niggly aches and pains, the unexplainable tiredness that has crept up on you for no reason- refined sugar from soft drinks, sugar added to your tea, sweetened food, all will have played a part in triggering this reaction (Obviously if you have quite serious pain or have any concerns, get it checked out by your GP- always be safe).
As an added bonus, probiotics also lower chronic inflammation(the niggly aches and pains trigger), and very importantly they can balance  your hormone directly affects the size and distribution of fat into the belly and love handle area. A food intolerance in not the same as a food allergy and estimated 50 per cent of of people with a food intolerance crave the very food their bodies can?t handle. The reactions are not as extreme as food allergy and estimated 50 per cent of people with a food intolerance crave the very food their bodies can?t handle.

Together they overcome all these obstacles and her clients become happier and stronger, both mentally and physically, with a new found confidence and greater sense of self-worth – not to mention a body more toned, flexible, pain-free, and younger looking than it has been in years. Perform each exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions with little to no rest between exercises. Lift hips in the air, forming a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders and brace your core. You can place your hands under your pelvis if you feel the need to protect your lower back.
Return to the starting position by lowering onto your right forearm and then your left forearm.
Intolerance affect the body by increasing the permeability of the capillaries (fine blood vessels), which means that extra water flows into the cells worsening water retention, bloating and adding volume and more wobble factor to those love handles. If you can get to day 20,without giving in to bread you?re home dry, plus you?ll probably have friends skiing if you?re losing weight= RESULTS!
And now for the workout I have designed this 30 day Love Handles of Horror challenge so you can do at home or at the gym (before your cardio- want to know why?.
Based on training the whole body this workout maximizes the EPOC: Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption effect. Cheap probiotics are near useless against those stubborn love handles so don?t waste your money you now save from not buying soft drinks towards getting a decent probiotic!
This is the natural increase in your metabolism that happens after a resistance based workout and torches body fat up to 72 hours.
It is a lot more effective than running on a treadmill (which will only burn fat as long as you can run.

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