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Influence Of Sex Hormones On Vitamin K Deficiency And …Androgen (1 mg testosterone propionate. 35 GAMMA ORYZANOL THE SECRET NUTRIENTbenefits and benefits to the skin similar to Vitamin E. As a real estate professional who takes and shows listings, you’re probably very aware that some items thought to increase home sale values may in fact raise them – or may not.Take, for example, swimming pools.
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Homeowners are often told that a swimming pool will automatically add to the resale value of their home. Alcohol In …- Like vitamin C, this is an antioxidant, and many reports claimed it has health benefits.
It may, if prospective buyers want a swimming pool and are in the right stage of life to utilize it. Bob develops a cold or upper respiratory viral symptoms (URI), he personally takes 5,000 to 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day RECOMMENDED VITAMIN LIST Page 4 health benefits.

However, a homebuyer with babies or toddlers might see a swimming pool as either a threat to a toddling youngster or a chore they have to baby-proof.The same goes for luxuriant landscaping. If a homeowner has a rose garden or an orchid greenhouse and a prospective buyer likes those, it can add significantly to the value. If you’re showing it to a buyer who doesn’t like them, doesn’t have time for plants and sees a greenhouse as a needless expense or maintenance drain, bye-bye sale.However, there’s a different kind of element in homes that is by no means as widely discussed but can affect a home’s resale value. Here are two ways.Metal Roofs Can Raise the ValueA metal roof, whether steel, zinc or copper, can raise the resale of a house significantly. Compared with a more conventional asphalt-shingled roof, a metal roof improves the resale value of a house by 1 percent to 6 percent. First, although they are more expensive that asphalt or wood shingles, they are also far more durable. If the metal is light colored, its reflection of solar energy will maintain a house at a cooler temperature. In addition, homeowners can receive insurance discounts of 35 percent or more due to the weather-resistant and durable nature of metal roofs.
Fourth, metal roofs can heighten the ability of homeowners to be environmentally conscious.

If they want to install a rainwater harvesting system, a roof made of asphalt or other shingles can lead to particles getting in the water supply. A metal roof, however, eliminates that potential concern.Metal Adds Value in the KitchenAnother place metal can increase resale value is in the kitchen. Many homeowners think stainless steel stoves and refrigerators that look like steel – not a color – are more elegant and modern, so they may heighten the resale value.The same is true of copper. Copper sinks are unusual, but they have patinas which can be very elegant.Even more importantly, copper sinks, like roofs, are extremely durable. They will last longer than a steel sink and are more resistant to corrosions and scratches to the surface.Copper also has antibacterial properties that can be very important to many homeowners.
Because sinks are sites where water, cooking preparation and food particles are frequently present, bacteria can breed and grow here. Metal, because of its durability, elegance and other qualities, is frequently overlooked as a method of raising value.

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