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I look out ver the water and the Verrazano Bridge as I do my work with clients and on the computer. The Verrazano Bridge was seen in the John Travolta movie Saturday night Fever - the tragic climax in a scene on the bridge. When I returned from my recent trip to Arizona, as the plane descended through the clouds, there before me, off to my left, in the night sky, were the twinkling lights of the bridge. Full Moons in general, and Lunar eclipses in particular, are times of high emotion and bring awareness. Eclipses are turning points, opportunities to shed what is no longer appropriate as we move forward on our spiritual paths. The Lunar Eclipse activates dreamtime, so these issues often surface in the form of unsettling dreams about things we had no idea we were still processing. This particular alignment features a Grand Trine in Air signifying an opening of awareness. Alas there came a 'humble prophet' [approximately 628 BC] from their midst; the Persian Prophet, Zoroaster, Zarathrustra, Zartosht, among other 'Z' names - We call him Z - aka - Thoth, Hermes, Quetzacoatyl, Buddha, among others.

Steve Cook and Christian Guzman, two of the most likeable guys in the fitness industry, recently got together to a film a video for Christian’s YouTube channel. The spirit world seemed to be sabotaging things and many delays and misshaps were reported. Last night I watched the full Moon move 'through' the arches on its journey into the western horizon. The Sun and the Moon, our animus and our emotions, are on opposite sides of the sky, as if the other were a mirror. In a Lunar Eclipse, the reflected light of the sun is blocked by the Earth, and the Full Moon appears to darken from our vantage point on Earth.
People who consciously work with eclipses invariably report complete surprise at what comes up for clearing around the Lunar Eclipse. There is also a Grand Fixed Cross built energetically into the alignment, which means we're likely to become aware of what we're still holding onto. The bridge, linking Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Staten Island, was the world's longest suspension bridge at 4,260 feet.

Many have predicted that terrorists would blow up the bridge - as they were apparently trying to do on 911. Like the Grand Fixed Cross in August 1999, this eclipse is a crossroads, challenging us to wake up to a new level of consciousness. When the light of the Moon is darkened in the eclipse, we have the opportunity to glimpse our most deeply buried feelings, fears and frustrations.
It is wise to invite the transformation and withhold judgment of what surfaces during this deeply healing time.

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