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Any of you who have been training or exercising for any period of time are probably more than aware of the importance of testosterone. Testosterone is crucial for protein synthesis, which in turn helps your muscle cells to repair themselves and grow back bigger and stronger so that you can blast through plateaus, up your poundages in the gym, and see the progress you’ve been busting your butt for.
As you might have guessed, TestoFuel is designed to naturally increase the levels of free testosterone throughout the body, and this is achieved by means of a selection of scientifically proven ingredients all extracted from natural sources. TestoFuel is not a testosterone, nor does it contain any other forms of steroids or banned performance-enhancing substances. Many so-called natural testosterone boosters are little more than proprietary blends of questionable herbal ingredients such as tribulus terrestris. While products such as these might be useful for men suffering from severely low levels of testosterone, their potential for application in the field of sports and bodybuilding nutrition seems to be minimal at best. All of the above ingredients have been linked either directly or indirectly to an increase on overall testosterone production in men.
As per the label recommendations, it is advised that you take one capsule four times per day. No specific times of day for consumption are prescribed; however, for best results it is highly advisable that you get into a routine of taking a pill as routinely and consistently as possible. Taking TestoFuel on a regular and consistent basis like this should help your body to more efficiently regulate testosterone production and distribution compared to simply taking the product sporadically and on an on-and-off basis. Research has demonstrated a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and low levels of testosterone in men. D-aspartic Acid or DAA has been shown to provide an average increase of luteinizing hormone by 46% and testosterone by as much as 45.5% in less than two weeks.
Oyster Extract contains s much as ten times as much zinc as lean beef, and there is absolutely no denying the link between zinc consumption and testosterone production. TestoFuel contains nothing but natural ingredients, so there are no harsh chemicals or synthetic forms of testosterone that may cause health issues or unwanted side effects.
Of course it is always advisable to seek out a professional opinion before adding a new supplement to your arsenal, so be sure to have a chat with your doctor or physician before you begin using TestoFuel.
Those of you who suffer from shellfish allergies or any other kinds of food allergies or intolerances will want to make speaking to your doctor a high priority before using this product.
TestoFuel is currently only available in pill form, so there are no flavors to choose from.
A serving size consists of four capsules, and each bottle contains 30 servings, for a total of 120 capsules. Although only one bottle size is available, there are frequently special offers to take advantage of, such as the option to purchase three bottles and receive one free.
The thing that I think speaks most to the overall quality of TestoFuel is its range of ingredients, all of which are proven to provide some kind of benefit linked to testosterone or luteinizing hormone production and regulation. As we discussed above, ingredients such as tribulus terrestris and the more absurdly named horny goat weed have shown very weak relationships to an enhanced production of testosterone, so it is good to see that these arguably worthless ingredients have been omitted.
What’s more, TestoFuel is also free of caffeine and other stimulants which means that you can enjoy a significant boost to your T levels without any unnecessary jitters or loss of sleep. User reviews and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, with reports of increased strength, enhanced recovery, and an overall improvement in body composition. Having to take one pill four times a day is hardly the most convenient way of having to take a supplement, but for those of us who are serious about improving our physiques and performance are probably already using different supplements with timed doses throughout the day.
Either way, having to take four pills scattered throughout each day is hardly the most difficult thing to do; you can quite easily use your meals as a reminder to take any extra supplements you might like to add to your repertoire. As we discussed above, TestoFuel is currently only available in pill form so there are no flavors available. Being produced in pill form also means that you won’t have to worry about mixing messy or clumpy powders in water with a shaker or other container.
Although taking pills throughout the day isn’t very convenient, this is still far quicker and easier than having to take powders to work and mix them at your desk! For this reason, I would say that TestoFuel achieves a relatively happy compromise in terms of overall ease of use. TestoFuel is subject to a fairly generous returns policy, so if you’re not happy with the results and you have purchased two bottles or more, you should be able to return your unused bottle or bottles without too much difficulty. It seems highly likely, however, that you will be entirely satisfied with the results because TestoFuel has proven to be a highly effective and increasingly popular supplement that really does deliver on its promises.
The supplement market is jam-packed with endless varieties of testosterone booster products making all kinds of outlandish claims about their effects.
Every once in a while a solidly formulated product comes along that contains tried and tested ingredients and is made available at a reasonable price; this is exactly what you’ll find with TestoFuel.
I wouldn’t consider this to be a staple supplement such as a whey protein powder, multivitamin, fish oils, and pre-workout mixtures.

TestoFuel definitely seems to live up to its name, providing a natural and generally safe way of fueling your testosterone levels without having to prematurely resort to the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Please note: This post has not been written or reviewed by a doctor or medical professional and is therefore not to be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or illness.
About Rick GrimesRick Grimes is a self proclaimed fitness junkie whose main goal is to spread health and fitness awareness. On Top10Supps you will be able to read unbiased supplement reviews and supplement rankings. Disclaimer: All products and brands found on this website are trademark of their respective companies. Disclosure: Under Federal Regulation, the Federal Trade Commission requires that disclosures on any relationship which provide any compensation at any time. Testofuel is the most effective testosterone boosting supplement on the market that ive tested. While I was searching the market for a testosterone booster , the one that really stood out was Testo Fuel. I actually heard about it on the Bodybuilding forum, and there were several influential users who had been using it with great results. Oyster extract – Oysters contain more zinc than lean beef steak, they are the number one testosterone booster food.
Ginseng – A powerful root from Asia, in numerous studies it has shown to increase testosterone and libido. Fenugreek – More commonly used in Indian food, it increases the bodies testosterone production naturally. D-Aspartic Acid – An amino acid which plays a critical role in sperm cell and sex hormone production. Research has shown that D-aspartic acid may enhance luteinizing hormone and testosterone by 46% in only 13 days.
In the first 3 months I saw really solid results with it, noticing a big difference in my sheer strength, as well as overall lean muscle growth.
It was almost like I was horny as an 18 year old on prom night, and could last MUCH longer than I was before. I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that Testofuel contains ginseng and fenugreek extract, something that has been shown in several studies to increase libido significantly. I could finally see my abs again, something I haven’t been able to do since I was in my early 20’s! I can definitely see myself taking this continually, at least until I find the next big thing to hit the market. Note: I stacked Testofuel along with a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut, which I  highly recommend you also do for the best results.
TestoFuel contains a higher dose of DAA (2300mg), making it a more potent muscle builder and ideal for younger guys in their 20’s that are already enjoying peak T levels but want to take their T levels even higher & muscle building results even further, with the stimulation that a high dose of DAA provides. As you are probably already aware, testosterone levels peak in the late teens to early twenties, and decline slowly thereafter.
These additions are all designed to benefit the slightly older guy (30+) whose T levels are naturally on the decline.
Mucuna Pruriens has been shown to reduce Prolactin levels in guys, which naturally rise with age, aiding the decline in T.
Mucuna is also a potent T booster on its own, with studies showing around a 20% increase in T levels for guys with lower levels to start. Nettle Root Extract has been shown in studies to bind with SHBG, freeing up more testosterone in the system. Again, nutrient absorption declines with age, which is why healthcare professionals recommend higher doses of supplements to adults than they do to kids & teens, for example. Because it uses all natural ingredients, in general yes it is safe to take and is side effect free. That being said it’s always prudent to speak with your doctor to see if any of the ingredients may cause an adverse reaction.
No, and surprisingly I get this question alot from guys in the military and playing collegiate sports. For proof of this I actually got a blood test conducted about 3 weeks after starting Testofuel and nothing abnormal came up.
Unfortunately at this time I have not seen any of the major retailers like GNC, Walmart, or Vitamin Shoppe with Testo Fuel on the shelves.
They have a number of discounts available for a wide variety of orders, and the best price in my opinion is the 3 box deal, where you get 3 boxes and 1 free box, along with other bonuses and free shipping.
There are no discounts or coupon codes, or free trials or samples available from what we can tell.

The directions on the box say to take 1 capsule per day 4 times a day with meals, but I found that it can be just effective to take 2 pills twice a day and get the same results. I also recommend cycling it on a 5 week on, 1 week off regiment to make sure you don’t develop a tolerance. Since it takes a bit of time to see the best results from taking Testofuel, I recommend that you order at least a 3 months supply.
This will get you 1 free box of Testofuel, a FREE Testofuel T-Shirt, and 2 FREE Nutrition and Workout Ebooks designed to help you get the most of your order.
Also, depending on your goals, you may also want to consider a stack of Testofuel with either a pre-workout supplement, like Nitrocut, or an HGH releaser like HyperGH 14X for enhanced results. Either way, Testofuel should do the trick on its own, but it never hurts to have an added boost in supplementation.
Low Testosterone levels affect close to 50 million American men, and are responsible for weight gain, energy loss, and erectile dysfunction issues. Testofuel uses a specialized combination of all natural herbs and extracts to help give you a powerful boost in muscle mass and energy. I recently had a chance to personally test out Testofuel for a period of 3 months, and have written up my full review and results.
Can you tell me your recommendation on how to stack the Nitrocut and Testofuel and how long before I cycle off of it. Im using the Testofuel with the Nitrocut you recommended and it’s working really great!
Rob currently resides in the south beach section of Miami, with his girlfriend of 2 years, and his German shepherd "Max". I'm almost 28 years old and have recently over the past few years noticed my desire to have sex with my wife has went down.
Testofuel contains a higher dose of DAA (2300mg), making it a more potent muscle builder and ideal guys that are already enjoying near peak T levels but want to take their T levels even higher & muscle building results even further, with the stimulation that a high dose of DAA provides. A serving size is 4 pills, but I'm not sure if they want you to take 2 twice a day or all 4 at once.
The easiest way to achieve this is to simply take one pill with each of your meals throughout the day.
Even so, it is definitely worth investing in a bottle or two so that you can gauge the benefits for yourself.
I am 47 and have in the first two weeks and have seen a boost in the sex drive for sure and have that 18 year old morning wood again.
I didn’t feel much for the first 2 weeks or so but then I noticed myself feeling much stronger and kind of more awake and alert all the time. I'm just not as horny as as I was and I don't want to have sex as much as I used to with her.. It should improve your ED symptoms on its own, but if not, it would be a good I'd to add Testofuel, which would improve libido and performance even further. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The information is intended for entertainment purposes only and and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such. Some links on this website contain affiliate or referral links that compensates us for buying a product or service after being referred to from our website due to any mention or recommendation.
I was going to ask, if all I am looking for is to improve my libido, sex drive, and sexual performance, should I get the testofuel or should I get the vigrx plus? I'm 5'7 and 150 lbs and work out 2 to 3 days a week at the gym just to stay toned and walk everyday. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The information on this site is not written or reviewed by a medical professional, and is only to be used at your own risk.
Thanks for your help and my goal is to just have sex multiple times a week the way my wife and I used to.
Under no circumstance should information found on this site be taken as medical advice or used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or illness. You might not feel like you're in your 20s again, but you'll feel better.Was this question helpful to you?

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