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The question that you ask is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the personal training profession today.
To answer your question best, I suggest you start by looking at the agencies I’ve mentioned, plus ISSA and AFFA.
It’s interesting that in most states you can’t cut someone’s hair or paint their nails without going before the state board and passing a state issued exam. The personal trainer certification system is far from perfect, but with passion, dedication, determination and an open mind, you can become a great trainer and help people get fitter and healthier!
Dana, January 2, 2012Log in to ReplyI have a Pilates Beginner and Pilates Intermediate Mat certifications through Power Pilates, System 1 Pilates Equipment Cert through Power Pilates, a Group Fitness Certification through AFAA, TRX Training and soon a PT Cert through AFAA.
The main feature of Garcinia Cambogia extract is that it helps to suppress your appetite by enabling you to feel full and gratified.
Garcinia helps to balance the chemical substances in your system that usually affect your emotions and mood which, in turn, influence your eating habits.
After losing fat you appear better, feel better and thus you can enjoy your life even more.
Being an organic fat burner packed with antioxidants, Garcinia helps to fight the free radicals which can cause discomfort, ageing and also degenerative diseases.
It is important to bear in mind that Garcinia Cambogia is not only for those who want to lose weight. Studies reveal that Garcinia aids in suppressing the appetite which helps you to lose weight.
Your liver is responsible for converting sugars into fat and, for this reason, consuming sugary foods lead to weight gain. Another major benefit of this product is that it helps to enhance the mood of the individuals who use it.
HCA, which is the main component of Garcinia, helps to lower blood cholesterol and this means an enhancement in your general health. There are plenty of Garcinia Cambogia products on the market, but before purchasing this particular supplement it is advisable to ensure that the item is manufactured within a laboratory which is duty certified and also FDA approved. Purchasing this supplement in bulk will help to reduce the cost of each individual product, and thus you’ll be able to make a good profit by reselling the item to your customers. I’ve been interested in getting my personal trainer certification for a while and was looking around on the Internet for programs. Those 6 are recognized by most as very reputable and provide a great foundation for a future in fitness. Yet ANYONE, certified or not, can open a training studio and advertise workouts and classes.

I personally feel there needs to be an internship of sorts for newly certified trainers to go through before they actually start one-on-one training sessions. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind.
With the certs I've attained I've spent about $4200 (and i only do fitness part time) so far not including the continuing education courses that are mandatory.
Having its origin in Asia, this particular fruit has been utilized in traditional medicine for many centuries for treating a variety of ailments. You take one 30-60 minutes before your meals and immediately lose weight in only a matter of weeks. The stress-induced chemical known as cortisol is reduced by Garcinia and this helps to shed pounds. Bodybuilders, as well as other athletes, often use chemical-based synthetic supplements to become lean; however, Garcinia can be a healthy alternative to these dangerous supplements which might have unwanted side effects. Taken from the tropical fruit garcinia cambogia, the extract found in the supplement is safe and natural – giving you NO SIDE EFFECTS at all. Furthermore, it never contains any caffeine unlike most other diet supplements in the market. Garcinia assists your liver to convert sugar to energy even before it is able to turn into fat. A better mood will help you to overcome emotional eating and thus you will start shedding pounds.
Recent studies reveal that the supplement does not allow the liver cells to become fibrotic and it also stops cell damage because of enhanced lipid levels in your body.
In case you are purchasing for your own use, it is advisable to gather some buddies who also want to shed pounds and then buy an order together. Does that mean you’ll be a better trainer if you choose one from a lesser-known organization? What’s worse is that some insurance companies will also sell you a training policy without ever asking to see a copy of you certification! Bridging the gap between what’s learned in a textbook or seminar and applying it to an actual person with individual needs, is a skill in itself, and one that can only be developed by experience. The plant is well-known for its usefulness in losing weight and the secret lies in HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which is present in Garcinia Cambogia and has a number of different effects on our body. One of the HOTTEST weight loss products to hit the market today is Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. It is dubbed to be the fastest and most efficient all-natural weight loss supplement today.

Moreover, these hazardous chemical substances often encourage water loss and also muscle loss which can prove to be dangerous in the long run.
Working in 3 amazing ways to help you lose weight, you'll finally get the slim and trim body you've always wanted, without changing a thing to your lifestyle!!
But because it's so popular, they are having trouble keeping supplies in stock, so better hurry and claim your bottles today.
Sure there may be some accepted standards and base knowledge, but no one is really checking up on what these companies are promoting.
So I encourage you to maybe ask a qualified trainer you know to tag along in their sessions and see how and why they make the choices they do. For those looking to enter the field and see if it's for them, it's seriously involved and a big commitment. On the other hand, Garcinia’s natural effects will not cause muscle loss or water loss. In fact, you will come across numerous positive feedbacks about this supplement from individuals who were fully gratified by using the product. There are certain things that aren’t arguable – anatomy, injury prevention, basic exercise form, etc. That's why I suggested the other programs, they provide a great foundation to get your feet wet and if someone loves it, they can always become ACSM certified later on.
Use of Garcinia Cambogia extract together with a proper exercise program and a sensible diet, will definitely help you to lose at least 10 pounds every month which is not bad after all! The NCCA accreditation is a third party that examines and audits other agencies to “ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public through the evaluation of all facets of the certification program and the organizations that assess professional competency” Basically they have standards that are universally accepted and if you’re organization is listed with them, it’s a definite plus.
But when you sign up for a particular certification, what you’re really buying is their philosophy and exercise ideology.
Each one has a board of directors that develops their company’s mission and training style. Also, you should think about whether you want to be a one-on-one trainer, or a group fitness instructor as they’re different programs. A great idea may be for you to get certified as a class instructor – maybe SPINNING, Boot Camp or even TRX Suspension certified.

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