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Is there an ideal breakfast time that is more advantageous or efficient nutritionally and metabolically?
What can I eat quickly to get me through a high-intensity workout first thing in the morning? INSANITY leads you through six intense workouts full of jumps, hops, skips, push-ups and other bodyweight exercises that suck buckets of sweat out of your body and leave your heart pounding. Join STACK MVP and gain instant FREE access to resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better.
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Several people have messaged me asking if what my thoughts are on Kayla Itsines bikini body guide, so I thought I would write a review post on it. Hello, I just wanted to ask if the free week of workouts are from the first week of the actual e-book?
The free workouts are different workouts from the ones found in Kayla’s bikini body guide.
And yes it works in that format – you do the arm workout one day, legs another, and abs another day too.
I was thinking of getting Kayla’s BBG, and I came across your blog while finding reviews about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.
Hi Alice, I have bad knees, having dislocated both of them at different times a few years ago. Ouch, that sounds really painful I am not too sure what to offer unfortunately as I am not a doctor. I personally like it a lot, as she gives you a 1 week meal plan which is very easy to follow.
No I don’t follow the nutrition guide, but I am thinking of following it after the holidays just to see how it works for my body.
I saw your above question about the boss ball, ( i don have one either & really dont want to purchase!) but just wondering is the burpees the only excercise that the bosu ball is used for in the plan?
Yes, the burpees are the only exercise that requires the bosu ball They are killer with the bosu ball though lol, but they are expensive.
Read through the first 20 pages carefully as that will tell you exactly how many of the circuit workouts and cardio to do. Definitely re-read the first 20 pages of the guide, as that provides an explanation on how to fit in the cardio and stretching And Kayla probably wants you to do it on those days, but you don’t have too. The workout program will help you shed some pounds, but it's insane level of intensity isn't for everyone.
It's designed specifically to improve your strength, mobility and endurance to handle the demands of Shawn T's program.

You'll be better conditioned to work at a higher intensity to accelerate weight loss and strength gains while staying injury-free.
When the adrenaline-enhancing ingredients are combined with the clinically-proven dosage of TyroPure™ L-Tyrosine found in RIPPED FREAK® PRE-WORKOUT, the stimulating effects are mind-altering! In a nutshell, the combination of Beta-Alanine and Arginine AKG ensures your muscles are primed for maximum pumps, performance, growth and recovery!
Plus, I did promise to write-up my thoughts on the guide a few weeks ago, so here it is as promised.
The BBG tells you what to do for cardio (the amount of cardio varies every 4 weeks, and the majority of the cardio is LISS training) and also gives you circuit workouts 3 days a week. It is a workout that was designed to be done at home, but since I live in San Francisco and thus live in far too small of a room to workout in, I did all my workouts at the gym.
And like I said, they weren’t incredibly hard but they still made me red as a tomato and sweatier than a sweaty thing.
Kayla really steps up the circuit workouts, and there is significantly more cardio to do too (still just LISS though).
This is where the bosu ball comes in and it really tests your ability to do plyometric movements. Also, does it work in such a way that only the arm workout is done on for example Monday, and then you carry on with the leg workout on Wednesday and finally the abs workout on Friday?
I think it is worth the price tag and when you break it down, all you need to do is put aside $20 for 3 weeks before you can buy it. I would suggest emailing Kayla and her team directly at [email protected] and see what they say. I cannot predict how your body will respond if you do the BBG, but in my experience it has definitely been worth it.
Plus she advocates getting a balanced diet with a variety of foods from every food group which I really appreciate. If you understand nutrition and feel good with what you are eating then it certainly is not a necessary purchase. I’m so glad I could help you and I’m so excited for you to take this journey Please keep me updated on what you think about it! I chose to just continue doing 3 strength workouts as I was still busy with uni at that time. If you're not already pretty fit, you may spend more time doubled over holding your knees than exercising. The reps listed in the slideshow are general recommendations, which you should adjust to make the workout appropriate for your fitness level. The circuit workouts are divided into weeks 1-3, weeks 2-4, weeks 5-7, weeks 6-8, weeks 9-11, and weeks 10-12.
The circuit workouts for weeks 2-4 are much harder, and when I finally got round to these workouts (in week 3 by accident lol), I realized just how hard the rest of the BBG was going to be. The jump rope really comes into play during these weeks and my god, your strength is really tested. I became much stronger and can do more push-ups, burpees, jump lunges and all other manner of exercises than I ever could before.

There are definitely tons of good workouts that are cheaper or free, so perhaps you can try those first and if those don’t work, you can give BBG a shot? The eating plan can definitely be used for your husband although he might want to eat more as the HELP guide is designed for women. There is no real substitute but my recommendation would be to buy it when you reach week 9 and then just return it when you finish ?? Most place’s offer full refunds within 30 days. I toned up even without following the HELP guide, and now that I am following it, my results are a lot better. I have noticed my energy levels have been high on the plan and I do not feel hungry (only verrrry late at night). You may see more results, but then again you may not since it is a generic guide and not exactly suited exactly according to you. And my back didn’t get toned from this workout as there are no back targeting exercises in it. Just make sure you have a rest day in between the circuit workouts so you do not overstress your body! Worse, if you're not prepared for the intense movements, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury. I did not realize that this was how the circuit workouts were arranged and stupidly I did the workouts for weeks 1-3 for the first 2 weeks .. The way Kayla structured the BBG kept me so motivated because I knew that every week was different, and also because I knew that every 4 weeks, the intensity would get turned up.
Also, I was a student when I bought BBG, over 2 years ago, and I still use it every now and again.
The HELP guide is basically an eBook which helps you learn the right foods to eat and the right amount as well.
I would give the training guide a go without the nutrition guide first and if you don’t see the results you want, then you might want to invest in the nutrition guide. During these weeks I had to do a lot of split sessions – so for example, I would do a circuit workout in the morning, and then go back to the gym at night to do cardio.
It is crazy that I could still get so sore considering you are progressively increasing your strength and endurance over time.
I don’t (yet hehe) have a super defined stomach, that stupid thigh gap (girls need to STOP focusing on this, just focus on losing fat, not getting a bloody gap), or rock solid arms. I didn’t see any physical results during this time, only performance related progress.
I felt kinda pathetic the amount of times I had to take a break during some of the exercises, but weeks 9-12 are just that hard. In terms of cardio, the amount decreases and now you have to also incorporate HIIT training into your workout.
I hope this doesn’t scare you off from doing the BBG haha, because even though the final section was so hard, it felt absolutely INCREDIBLE to complete them and to feel so incredibly accomplished (and sore).

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