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However, for humans, dogs, cats and horses, there are a variety of joint supplements available which claim to help us deal with these joint diseases. To understand how these supplements can help, we first need to understand the diseases that they treat – the primary condition being osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is a ‘degenerative joint disease’ that progresses over time – the symptoms becoming worse as we, or our pets age. The joints in our pets’ bodies are protected by a layer of cartilage that is able to absorb shock – essentially like suspension for limbs! The specific molecules that allow cartilage to store a large amount of water are called proteoglycans – these are bottle brushed shaped molecules that strongly attract water. The joint supplements we use to treat degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, provide the body with the building blocks needed to form new proteoglycans – the molecules that give cartilage and joints their shock absorbing ability.
Simply, joint supplements make it easier for the body to produce proteoglycans, the molecules responsible for maintaining healthy cartilage. The branches of proteoglycans (the ‘bristles’ responsible for attracting water) are made up of short, repeating units such as chondroitin sulphate.
Glucosamine is the precursor of the molecules that make up the branches of the proteoglycans (these branches are referred to as GAG chains). If you are purchasing a joint supplement for your pet, leading brands such as Synoquin will include an ‘assessment score-card’ that lets you track how your pet is improving in areas such as activity, mobility and temperament. There is of course, a pharmaceutical alternative to these supplements in the form of NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Long-term use of joint supplements is considered safe, using NSAIDs for a long period of time however, can upset the lining of the stomach – making it sensitive to strong stomach acids.
Currently developing PetSci HealthTrak, the fast and easy way to monitor your pet's weight and calorie intake. ACE diets Specialist Dietitians can analyse your diet and make suggestions to improve it to improve your health.

Our media and press are full of conflicting and confusing advice on what makes up a healthy diet.
It is well known that healthy eating and regular exercise will make you feel and look better and improve your quality of life. Food can also be used as a medicine having a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. Your body needs a vast range of nutrients, some of them in large amounts but others in minute amounts, to function properly.
Fact: It’s estimated that up to 30% of deaths from coronary heart disease are due to unhealthy diets. The Eatwell plate represents the five different food groups in the proportions you should eat them, for a healthy, balanced diet.
The branches of proteoglycans (or the bristles in our bottle brush analogy) essentially act as a magnet towards water – pulling in as much as possible. Because cartilage stops the bones at a joint rubbing, a reduction means increased friction – increased friction causes damage to the bones, pain and swelling. Therefore, if the body is provided with enough of these repeating chondroitin sulphate units, it can build new proteoglycans with ease. This means that the body is able to produce water-attracting proteoglycans directly from the chondroitin sulphate provided by the supplement, or make it’s own from the glucosamine precursor.
Scientific papers have been written claiming that they don’t work any better than a placebo, but others have been produced showing a marked improvement in the symptoms associated with joint diseases (such as mobility). Whilst these drugs do provide rapid relief from the pain and inflammation associated with joint disease, they also require long-term use.
If you are concerned about joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, consider consulting your vet or vet nurse for further guidance.
HealthTrak offers a simple way to track your pet's progress, helping them achieve a healthy weight and a long, happy life. A Dietitian will work together with you to develop your individual plan that is not just balanced and nutritionally adequate but also suits your food preferences and your lifestyle.

One will tell you to cut the carbs, another to cut out fat, another not to eat at all after 6pm or yet another will tell you to follow a strict detox and cleansing diet.
As we get older the absorption of various minerals and vitamins become more difficult, which may cause deficiencies. A dietitian will work together with you to develop your individual plan that is not just balanced and nutritionally adequate, but also suits your food preferences and your lifestyle. See the guide below for the previous top 100.Top 100 Pet Blogs of 2013 – An infographic from the team at Coupon Audit of the 100 best pet blogs of 2013.
The body doesn’t need to rely on making it’s own chondroitin sulphate as it is provided by the supplement.
When I'm not writing, learning, discussing, or reading about animals, you know it's the weekend! If you have been suffering from some long-term illness or have led a stressful life, you may also have higher demands for some vitamins and minerals.
People often believe that taking a vitamin supplement is enough to counteract an unhealthy diet.
However, it has been shown that the vitamins and minerals within foods are better absorbed by the body than those in pill form. In addition, some vitamins and minerals compete for absorption, so, by taking high quantities of one nutrient, you may become deficient in another.
Therefore the best option is to eat a healthy balanced diet and use vitamin supplements only on your doctors or dietitians advice.
Luckily each vitamin and mineral is found in a variety of sources, so, even if you dislike a particular food, there is usually an alternative.

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