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We’re on vacation in Disney World, so I wanted to share my Disney World meal plan this week. One of my favorite things about visiting Disney World is that we can make all our dining plans ahead of time. We decided against doing the Disney Dining Plan for this trip because it would actually cost us more than paying out of pocket for our meals. The dining plan is a good deal if you’re eating at the most expensive restaurants and choosing the most expensive menu items most of the time. We’re staying at one of the monorail hotels, so I want to check out the quick service breakfasts at all the hotels in the area.
Some families bring a box of cereal or some homemade granola to Disney World so they can save on the cost of breakfast. Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian has several egg dishes, plus the famously decadent Tonga Toast. We like to get to the parks right when they open in the morning, and we power through until about 2:00 before returning to our hotel for an afternoon break. Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom has been highly recommended to us by friends who love their big portions and relatively smaller prices. Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios has a grilled vegetable sandwich and a couple salads that look very good. The Wave is located in the Contemporary, and it offers a seasonal menu featuring locally sourced food. Biergarten in Epcot’s Germany was a highlight on our last trip, so we’re going there again.
If you’re planning a Disney vacation, check out my post about eating healthy in Disney World.
The FTC has regulations about what bloggers disclose when recommending or advertising products. I ventured out to Universal Studios Florida to enjoy as many live performances as possible. Checking in took about ten minutes, as is standard for any kennel service I needed to provide proof that Dodger’s vaccinations were up to date.
We know you all have been anxiously booking your 2017 Walt Disney World vacation and now I am able to bring great news. The 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages will be available to book beginning on June 21. So contact your favorite travel planner and get ready to officially start the planning process for your 2017 vacations now! If you are preparing for your first, second, or even third cruise, I highly advise NOT following the suggestions listed here. I’ve watched many other ships leave port, but the level of excitement on a Disney Cruise is much more tangible than on other cruise lines. Welcome to part three of the Ghost Post mystery box series, reviewing the contents of Disney Merchandise’s Haunted Mansion puzzle subscription. The giant windows are leftover from NBA City and will again afford guests a great view of the CityWalk lagoon.
Last week, Universal Orlando Resort stayed within an index point of what the Universal Crowd Calendar predicted except for Saturday when crowds surged to the highest crowd level of the week. Resort-wide, crowds at Walt Disney World were within one index level of what the Disney World Crowd Calendar predicted each day last week. At the park level predictions also did well with most crowds within one index level and never more than two.
Disney’s latest quarterly report revealed an increase in attendance at Disneyland Resort which seems to be reflected in the wait times we saw last week.
Note that the equivalent week last year preceded Memorial Day weekend which drives larger crowds while this year Memorial Day occurred a week later on May 30, 2016. The newest restaurant on the block to receive a dining package option is Tony’s Town Square located at the Magic Kingdom. Guests participating in this package will be able to enjoy a three-course meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert) for $45 for adults and $17 for children (ages 3-9). Guests can begin to book the dining package for Tony’s Town Square beginning tomorrow, June 7, by calling (407)WDW-DINE. Items that qualify as a snack credit are identified on counter service and cart menus with a purple DDP next to them. Frozen treats included as snack credits include the infamous Dole Whips in Adventureland as well as various ice cream sundaes at select locations throughout the parks and the classic popsicles such as Mickey bars sold at the kiosks and carts. You’ll find credits can also be used for favorite theme park snacks such as churros, pretzels, fudge, funnel cakes, cotton candy and nachos.  Just be sure to look for the DDP symbol on the menu as choices vary by location.

If you are fortunate enough to be at Epcot during the annual Food and Wine Festival in the fall you are in luck!  Snack credits can be used for most of the food at the tasting booths throughout the festival. Making all the decisions before the trip leads to a much more relaxing experience for all of us. We like to try a few new restaurants each time, and we also enjoy a couple of old favorites. I know this because I went through all the menus and estimated our cost at each restaurant based on my guesses about what we would all order. That can be a good strategy for saving money, but my family likes to really fuel up at the beginning of each Disney day.
They have lots of good breakfast options, including a Greek yogurt parfait, breakfast burrito, and other egg dishes. It does include a breakfast frittata on the kids’ menu, which sounds like a good option to start the day.
But honestly, we just don’t have the energy to pack up lunch food at home in Massachusetts to make sandwiches each morning. They have a wide variety of options, including Asian entrees, fish tacos, and gourmet sandwiches. I’m looking forward to sampling the fruit sushi and other goodies as we make our way through this area.
Unfortunately, it may still be closed for refurbishments during our visit, but we’re hoping to try it. Epcot is my favorite park, so we’re heading to the world showcase on a couple of the evenings for dinner.
They have great healthy options for dinner, and we’ll be splurging on their famous cupcakes for dessert. I love being able to experience local food whenever I’m on vacation, so this is a great fit for us. Skull Island: Reign of Kong has done Team Member previews and it appears soft openings could happen any day now.
Turns out you can pack a whole lot of fun into just a few hours when your focus is on live entertainment.
I decided to take my doggy (#DodgertheDog) to try out Universal Orlando’s Kennel Services.
These vacation packages will be available for Guests who are looking to arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort beginning January 1, 2017 and after. To catch up with where we are, you’ll want to take a quick peek at Ghost Post Part 1 and Part 2. We’re in the middle of a very exciting time here at the resort, with two attractions opening up in the coming weeks and a brand new resort hotel not too far behind. It replaces the former NBA City concept and is currently undergoing a complete makeover to turn the form basketball restaurant into a chocolate factory.
It may be that the popularity of Value Season pricing and short staffing is also causing some longer wait times since the relative increase in wait times is larger than the increase in attendance.
We consider this collection of posts our Ultimate Guide to the Disney Dining Plan.We have used the Dining Plan several times and also opted not to use it several other times (and instead pay out of pocket).
We also don’t typically order soda and dessert, so those aspects of the Disney Dining Plan don’t make sense for us.
I’ll probably have oatmeal or something simple and low-cost a few mornings, and I’ll fuel up with something heartier on the other days. It’s actually the most expensive meal we’ll be eating during our trip, but we decided it was worth it to try it this once. Fortunately, each park has at least one decent counter-service dining option with healthy-ish food.
It’s one of the only quick service restaurants at Disney World where you can make a reservation for lunch, and you can even order ahead of time so your lunch is ready for you when you get there. I’m also excited to visit the Wave, one of the few Disney restaurants that has a true focus on locally sourced food. In cases where permission is granted, full and clear credit must be given to Real Food Real Deals with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. The Incredible Hulk roller coaster has been testing for a few weeks and should reopen very soon. I enjoy these additions because they don’t require much advance planning, you can easily walk up at show time and have a great vantage point.
For someone like me who is apprehensive toward thrill rides, this is a refreshing reminder that there is still lots to enjoy at Universal Orlando even if you’re not that into rides.

The cost is $15.00 for the day (no discounts available) and the great thing is the kennel is open two hours after park closing, giving agents plenty of time to enjoy the parks. One thing that you do need to keep in mind is that the last date of your vacation cannot be booked more than 499 days into the future.
But to mix things up a bit, or if you want to avoid the blistering heat that can happen on some cruise itineraries, grab a drink, and sail away from a more comfortable and quiet location. Busier crowds at Universal Studios were offset by much lighter crowds at Islands of Adventure. Crowds dipped during the weekdays however which is a nice change to what we have seen in the weeks past.
And two more rides are under construction: Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon and Fast and Furious Supercharged. In the end, I found that there are benefits to skipping even very popular activities on board. On our most recent cruise, we sat for a while in the air conditioned comfort of Vista Cafe on the Dream, and then headed outside to play some shuffleboard so that we could hear the ship horn. Guests using an optimal touring plan on a weekday likely didn’t notice the spike in wait times last week. We also share our review of the Disney Dining Plan, and whether we think it’s worth the money. However, Universal Orlando has debuted new entertainment at both its parks, especially at Universal Studios, throughout the past year. On the walking track, there are several places with loungers, if that’s more your speed. Mortal,” and the back of the box had, as I predicted, a drawing of the roofline of the mansion, thus completing the picture.
And, of course, if you have a verandah room, you can enjoy sailing away from the comfort of your stateroom. Read our thoughts and opinions on each restaurant, as we give you some ideas as to our favorite restaurants and least favorite restaurants, and why we like or dislike particular restaurants. This article ranks the top 10 table service restaurants at Walt Disney World in terms of objective value on the Disney Dining Plan.
Some of these more expensive meals are even big enough to split, meaning that you can do breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Disney Dining Plan if you use credits effectively!Maximizing Snack Credit Value on the Disney Dining Plan – That bottle of water or that banana you might spontaneously want?
Paying Out of Pocket – Here we breakdown our dining costs from one trip where we paid out of pocket and compared that to what we would have paid on the Disney Dining Plan.
Although this list is objective, in our experience, these are some of the better quality character meals at Walt Disney World, too.
It does stand to reason that restaurants costing more would serve better food, so this shouldn’t be too surprising…Looking for Disney trip planning tips?
If you use the Disney Dining Plan, how do you maximize your savings and enjoyment of eating at Disney while on the Dining Plan. YA’LL HAVE OFFERED THE FREE DINING PLAN TO ALL THE ALL-STAR RESORTS EXCEPT THE ALL- STAR MOVIE RESORT.WHY ? WE LOVE DISNEY AND I AM SO VERY EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO SHARE THIS WONDERFUL TIME WITH MY PRECIOUS GRANDKIDS. My questions it at table service restaurants especially, do all of us need to order a meal, we were planning on sharing (I don’t eat much and our oldest has Autism so has a really limited diet so usually just shares), so 10 people at the table only ordering 6 meals? Reply Maren March 24, 2016 Hi Tom – Love your site and have been combing through it, especially while recently evaluating whether or not to use the DDP. I’ve been looking at all the restaurant reviews…is there somewhere where you highlight the best choices for NOT using the DDP?
Reply Jeanette January 31, 2016 We are planning a trip and the dining plan does not include my 2 year old but he eats more than my six year old, is it worth it to have the dining plan? Reply Beth January 11, 2016 If we do not add the dining plan, when we book our room & tickets, BUT, a few months later, free dining comes out, for our reservation time, can we add the free dining on at that time?
Reply nicole May 22, 2016 You can add it later but may have to change resorts depending on where it is being offered Reply« Older CommentsLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with The Walt Disney Company.

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