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The local market is overrun with diet pills and potions that are untested, and uncontrolled.
Diet Pills can over-control your hunger, disturbing the body’s natural processes and triggers, making the body entirely dependent on a pill to manage hunger- once the pills are stopped, the body overreacts  and piles on the kilos faster than ever before.
Over the past two years many people in South Africa (and worldwide) have died due to the toxicity of the substances they ingested.
Lacking a time-tested natural cure, international drugmakers are lacing their products with artificial chemicals. How many more death sentences, lung-, heart- and kidney failures has to happen before people will heed the advice not to trust diet pills and potions?

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Many are dangerous and could kill you, and even those that are ‘harmless’ have no real impact and are a waste of time and money.
Diet pills do not change habits- suppressing hunger is a temporary benefit and once the pills are stopped, the old habits of overeating resumes. But on a daily basis people are still falling for the promises of diet-pills with glowing testimonials and claims of being safe, natural, herbal supplements. In search of a quick-fix, people take products claiming to increase metabolism, burn fat, and reduce appetite.

Dr Ryan Dickson warns: “The great hopes we had for medication (for weight-loss) in the past decade have been dashed. These products are registered as herbal medicine or health food and do not need to pass through drug trials which would have determined the harmful effects on the body.

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