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Whether your objective concerns weight gain, feed efficiency, improved health, improved immunity, or performance in meat, milk or egg production, Solenacor Global’s vast resources can facilitate your project in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We can connect you with all the resources that meet your specific needs.Say, for example, you need to evaluate various enzyme products to determine which ones offer the best fiber digestibility through cellulose and roughage components of animal feeds such as hay. In nature, organisms adjust the conditions of their enzymes to produce an Optimum rate of reaction, where necessary, or they may have enzymes which are adapted to function well in extreme conditions where they live.TemperatureIncreasing temperature increases the Kinetic Energy that molecules possess. This includes comparing competitive or existing technologies to the product you are trying to develop.Another example is the use of microbial and feed grade enzymes or fermentation products to help improve digestibility and utilization of feedstuffs.
We can assist in helping you learn how to supplement the natural immune system with neutraceutical products.Also keep in mind that probiotics have evolved over the last 25 years and its credibility is building. Breaking bonds within the enzyme will cause the Active Site to change shape.This change in shape means that the Active Site is less Complementary to the shape of the Substrate, so that it is less likely to catalyse the reaction. Eventually, the enzyme will become Denatured and will no longer function.As temperature increases, more enzymes' molecules' Active Sites' shapes will be less Complementary to the shape of their Substrate, and more enzymes will be Denatured.
This will decrease the rate of reaction.In summary, as temperature increases, initially the rate of reaction will increase, because of increased Kinetic Energy.

However, the effect of bond breaking will become greater and greater, and the rate of reaction will begin to decrease.The temperature at which the maximum rate of reaction occurs is called the enzyme's Optimum Temperature.
Immune enhancers like bovine colostrum factions, egg antibodies and bio-active proteins can help regulate specific parts of the immune system. It is a measure of the Hydrogen Ion (H+) concentration, and therefore a good indicator of the Hydroxide Ion (OH-) concentration. Beyond that, you have to decide who and where your target market is and whether the application will be in the form of product application.In some situations, we would know the parameters of safe and effective usage for certain products, but not always. When we don’t have the answers, we do have the resources and turn to our experts in those areas.
Deionised water is pH7, which is termed 'neutral'.H+ and OH- Ions are charged and therefore interfere with Hydrogen and Ionic bonds that hold together an enzyme, since they will be attracted or repelled by the charges created by the bonds.
This interference causes a change in shape of the enzyme, and importantly, its Active Site.Different enzymes have different Optimum pH values. Manufacturers and researchers may have an existing product but perhaps there are different applications in different species or different markets that haven’t yet been explored.

This is the pH value at which the bonds within them are influenced by H+ and OH- Ions in such a way that the shape of their Active Site is the most Complementary to the shape of their Substrate.
However, extreme changes in pH can cause enzymes to Denature and permanently lose their function.Enzymes in different locations have different Optimum pH values since their environmental conditions may be different.
This is because it will no longer be the limiting factor and another factor will be limiting the maximum rate of reaction.As a reaction proceeds, the rate of reaction will decrease, since the Substrate will get used up.
The highest rate of reaction, known as the Initial Reaction Rate is the maximum reaction rate for an enzyme in an experimental situation.Substrate ConcentrationIncreasing Substrate Concentration increases the rate of reaction.
This is because more substrate molecules will be colliding with enzyme molecules, so more product will be formed.However, after a certain concentration, any increase will have no effect on the rate of reaction, since Substrate Concentration will no longer be the limiting factor.

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