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L-glutamine complex with vitamins in powder - dietetic food supplement intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sports people. Add 1 portion (10 g of powder? 20 measuring units = ½ scoop or 1 tablespoon) to 200 ml of water, once a day? before breakfast or after training or before sleep.
A great combination of the most advanced forms of creatine, characterised by the highest anabolic activity and pattern of energetic changes. Free T Shirt When order over $50 Before Tax and shipping - When Available - Limit One Tshirt Per Order !! L Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (protein building 3Cp>When supplemented, it may help body builders reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs because other tissues that need glutamine will not rob the glutamine stored in the muscle cells.

Since the body relies on glutamine as cellular fuel for the immune system, scientific studies have shown that glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism. Creatine Xplode manages to combine in a single unique product as many as 6 of the most popular and most effective forms of creatine currently used in the world of advanced athlete supplements. Research shows that after intensely working out, glutamine levels in the bodyare reduced by as much as 50%. Its effects on replenishing the body after stress or trauma have been shown in Europe where it is commonly given to patients in hospitals. There are no side effects associated with L-glutamine, because it is a nutrient naturally occurring in the body.

This product supplementing the diet with L-glutamine in the form of a 100% pure, crystalline, highly micronized substance enriched with Vit-A-min Supercharge formula.
Reports of an upset stomach are associated with ingesting a great deal of glutamine, using smaller doses is recommended if this occurs.

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