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Firtsly, bare with me on this one as it is quite long, but there is a summary at the end for those of you who may have limited time.
I think everyone has been in that situation where they have woken up having had a few too many drinks the night before feeling like a train has repeatedly ran over their head, their mouth feeling like its full of cotton wool and their urine the colour of dark straw.
Key points so far to note is; dehydration, lack of glucose and lack of potassium and magnesium. When the alcohol reaches the liver it is broken down into acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than alcohol itself. Key point to remember from this section is the levels of Cysteine in the liver are too small to cope with breaking down toxins created by breaking down alcohol. Right then, now we understand (well you’ve at least read) what the science is, lets talk about what you all want to know ! Finally before i summarise what i have found to be the perfect plan to follow, i want to address one over the counter product that can also aid.
Aspirin is a non-caffeinated pain reliever and is also in a class of anti-inflammatory drugs known as prostaglandin inhibitors.
Before going out for a big drink, ensure you drink plenty of water and consume some fats to line your stomach.
Once out drink a glass of water between every couple of drinks and try to stick to similar drinks.
When you get home before bed drink a further 2-3 pints of water with a pinch of salt and sugar in (Or a non caffeinated sports drink) along with 2 aspirin. For breakfast drink another pint of water, and a glass of fruit juice, then eat for breakfast, 3 eggs (NOT fried) and 2 bananas or kiwi’s, along with any normal preference for breakfast, wholewheat is best due to fiber content. And there we have it, the science behind what a hangover is, what causes the symptoms and how to alleviate them. I hope that this helps you have more productive Sunday mornings rather than laying in bed feeling very very sore. Any questions or comments, please leave them below and share this article to inform friends and family, that ‘hangover days’ need not be a write off ! Follow UsFollow us on Social Media to be the first to find out about our latest discounts and receive special "friends" only offers before anyone else!
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A full technique analysisHarry Longstreet on Macronutrients (Macros) ExplainedLaurinda Baskett on Squat: Depth explained? Also im sure that many people have also been told about mythical hangover cures, that full english breakfast so many people swear by or the maccies breakfast.

I’m on about the fact that when we drink, we have to urinate much more frequently than normal. The body is that desperate to get water to its cells that it starts to steal water from the one organ that actually needs it the most – the brain! This must be broken down quickly and the body can cope with smaller levels of a casual drink effectively using enzymes such as acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and another substance called glutathione which contains high levels of cysteine (Remember the proteins article?) which is attracted to the acetaldehyde. So, drink plenty of water; before you go out, whilst your out and when you get in before bed. Drinking fruit juices high in fructose can actually help speed up the removal of the toxins left behind from alcohol metabolism and also provide you with sugars to replace the blood sugar lost via breakdown of liver glycogen. Although the levels of caffeine in the coffee will momentarily get rid of the feelings of fatigue because of its stimulant properties and can also oppose the vasodilatory effect of alcohol on brain cells, it ultimately will dehydrate you even further and make you urinate all the electrolytes and fluids you have worked so hard to build back up overnight!
High levels of prostaglandin have been associated with increased hangover severity, therefore taking a painkiller that does not contain caffeine but does contain prostaglandin inhibitors can help with the severe hangovers, but should not be taken regularly as it can adversely affect the liver. Only one of these i’ve tried before I used the science actually worked, one drink given to me by my old rugby captain, Lee Jones, I cannot remember the full list of ingredients, but let me tell you it had some bizarre ones! It has many symptoms of which i will not list as im sure you will have all suffered from most of them at some point. This is because when we drink alcohol it enters the bloodstream and causes the pituitary gland in the brain to block the creation of vasopressin (also known as the antidiuretic hormone).
This loss of water in the brain causes it to shrink, which causes the membranes around the brain to pull on the skull which results in that splitting pain you feel as a headache. However in large quantities the liver does not have enough glutathione to prevent this toxin staying in the body. This does seem to work in reality, your hangover does fade away BUT only because you are becoming intoxicated again. Drinking water prior to going out ensures the body is euhydrated and the digestive system and cells have adequote levels to combat the toxins you are about to ingest. Stay away from coffee and other caffeine products for a few hours until you are suitably hydrated again. However, the most common are headaches, dehydration, loss of concentration and severe fatigue.
Without this chemical, the kidneys send water directly to the bladder instead of reabsorbing it into the body.
This loss of water also causes the lack of mental clarity and concentration seen during a hangover as the body is also expelling key electrolytes in the urine such as potassium and magnesium which are vital for cell functioning. The darker the spirit generally the higher the concentration of congeners which do create worse hangovers. When this new amount of alcohol gets broken down you will have even more toxins in your liver to flush out leading to an even worse hangover when you eventually do face it.

Drinking a glass of water every few drinks whilst your out helps to dilute the toxins within your liver and enable you to flush them out more efficiently and drinking before bed allows your body to rehydrate after the liver has broken the acetaldehyde down. The morning after fruit juices are great also, as they replace vitamins C and D which were depleted from the diuretic effects of the night before so can help resume normal immune function. The effects of a hangover are worsened by things such as drinking on an empty stomach as many people know, but did you know that increasing physical activity such as dancing, increases the severity of a hangover? One study showed that 33% of people who drank a dark rum reported a hangover compared to only 3% who drank the same volume of vodka. Other causes of this sickness and stomach pains etc is due to something called glutamine rebound. Ensuring you drink before bed (2-3 pints ideally) will massively reduce the chance of you having a headache when you wake up as well as the dry mouth. The levels of fat slow down alcohol toxin removal and the high levels of grease can further irritate the stomach. This means the bodies fundamental energy source is depleted resulting in tiredness and lethargy. Anyone who has drunk the legendary ‘Apres Vodka’ may beg to differ, but i would place large amounts of money on Russian standard vodka containing higher levels of Congeners than normal vodka !! Alcohol inhibits glutamine, so once drinking has stopped and you are trying to sleep the body overcompensates by creating to much glutamine, which is a natural stimulant, this stops the body reaching the deepest levels of sleep and recovery. Adding a pinch of salt and sugar to this water will help maintain the levels of electrolytes in your body and offset the increased need to urinate caused by the supression of vasopressin. Interestingly to add here the carbonation in beers and lagers actually speeds up the absorption of alcohol, hence why we feel ourselves becoming intoxicated whereas with spirits it appears to not hit you for a while and then next thing you know its the morning and you have no recollection of what happened ! Similarly a non caffeinated sports drink can have the same effect as it contains electrolytes and glucose to help combat the loss of liver glycogen. The dry mouth is the bodies way of sending an SOS message to make you drink some water quickly!
This also relates to why it is dangerous to do the common drinking trend of starting on beers, then moving onto short drinks as you become bloated, as the carbonation from the beer speeds up the absorption of the following spirits !! As the alcohol is absorbed directly through the stomach the cells lining the stomach become irritated to the point that they tell the brain the contents of the stomach is toxic and needs to be removed.
This sticks to the stomach lining and slows down the bloodstreams uptake of the alcohol out of the stomach meaning the body has a more constant flow to breakdown and thus allowing lower levels of glutathione to work.

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