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Many serious bodybuilders completely abstain from alcoholic beverages in an effort to get themselves into peak condition.
However, with so many social events involving alcohol, you may wonder how the alcohol is influencing your weight lifting. Let's examine the affect that alcohol has on the quality of your workouts and how it affects your training routine.
Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, which are primarily sugars and very little protein.
So, the first concern of alcohol and weight lifting is the additional empty calories you are consuming. If you consume more than a couple of drinks at a time, you are overloading your body with a poisonous ingredient that is toxic to your entire system. When you drink in excess, you are doing several things to your body, which in the end impacts your ability to train and build muscle.
Alcohol's negative impact on your body is because it is absorbed rapidly, yet metabolized very slowly.

If you are serious about building muscle, then alcohol and weight lifting really don't mix. Apart from the testosterone effects, alcohol reduces the minerals in your body that are necessary for your muscle growth. During your workouts, you may not be able to lift as much weight because your body is using its resources to recover from the effects of your alcohol.
Most of these effects listed are for the person who drinks often, more than two to four drinks per week. Several research studies have recommended that athletes not consume alcohol during training and competition periods because of the negative effects on the body1.
If you are serious about your muscle building, avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible. When you drink alcohol, your body experiences hormonal changes that affect your ability to build muscle. Drink too much alcohol and you will deplete your stores of magnesium, potassium and calcium.

You endurance is also impacted because your stores of B vitamins are depleted and the B vitamins help provide your body with energy. An occasional alcoholic beverage will not produce these problems, just be truthful to yourself about the amount you are really drinking.
For truly optimal performance of your body, and to give it the best chance possible, alcohol and weight lifting do not mix.
In addition, there is an increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which increases your fat deposits and fluid retention.

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