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Whether you’ve already taken your business online or still looking for a simple solution to create a professional website, you probably already know that promoting your website is crucial to your success. If you have no previous experience with site promotion, you’re likely reaching for a bottle of Aspirin right now. With the right time and effort, you can find yourself attracting a whole slew of new clients to your great looking site!
It may or may not surprise you to hear that the majority of traffic from the internet is derived from search engines. The modern day Yellow Pages, online directories are where potential clients turn to to find business solutions. You can also add the Blogger Feed from the Wix App Market to your Wix Website for maximum exposure. Similarly to social network sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, photo sharing sites give you the opportunity to display visual content that is related to your business, and can be used to refer and link back to your website. Also, I’m not familiar with niche websites in the theater field, but Facebook is always a good place to start searching. Large search engines have a page where website owners can submit their links and get their sites indexed. I have been struggling with SEO and I found this article useful, i would appreciate any tip you may have on promoting my site further?
I have been using a wix site for a while now, and this is a very useful and interesting blog. Yahoo wants to be paid through a service called Yext starting at $199 all the way up to $999 yearly.
Thank you for the page – I am staying in South Africa >do you have any information like 33 Free Places to Promote your Website Online in South Africa?

We’re not familiar with anything specific, but perhaps one of our readers will be able to help? Most of these tips are geared towards regular businesses, do you have any tips for local churches? For community-based websites, social media marketing is probably more effective than directories like these.
Hi everyone, i designed my website nearly 3 months ago now and have had some really good business. Please, you can contact with me from the email posted in details?, please I need professional support, thanks.
Unfortunately it’s not possible to migrate from a WordPress site to a Wix site and keep the design.
And if you’re worried about creating a website all over again, I suggest you give our editor a try and see how easy and intuitive it is.
Site building are very common now a days and almost every web site is providing such tools but to find the most appropriate web site builder tool is very hard which works according to your requirement.
But fear not, marketing your website isn’t only simple, it can be done without even spending a penny!
With that said, search engines should be the first place that you turn to to promote your online presence. Adding your site to online directories is extremely important as it greatly improves your site’s SEO by linking back to your website. Linking your content on popular social sites is a great way to put your business in the face of your known audience, and also a fantastic opportunity to gain quality backlinks by exposing your brand to broader audiences. All you need to do is write an original article related to your business and submit it to these sites.

As a website developer myself (start up business) – Attracting as many clients as possible is really imperative.
Also the listing of free places to promote your website was useful but alot of them were just for the USA, we are based in Australia. Today we will let readers know the easiest online tools to build your own website without doing any coding and wasting your time.
It have a powerful tool that enable you to create websites online, it have some templates already on the list from where one can choose the desired one. When submitting your site, make sure to include important details like your location and business category so that your website will appear in sub-categories where new and potential clients can easily find you. I’m not selling anything, just informing directors and theaters of the availability of my plays. Because I care no attention for many thing in wix function, my wix’s URL is very ugly.
It’s probably a good idea to go over the site and make sure that all texts are readable in terms of size and colors.
Website builders are often used by most of the companies also by many people to build their own website. Articles that sounds genuinely well-intentioned and have a less aggressive marketing tone, will likely draw more interest to your site than self-promotion alone.

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