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I want to provide you with a quick tutorial here–I’m going to have you follow along as I make my own website free of charge! Before you begin, if you don’t already have an account with Wealthy Affiliate, sign up right here before you follow along. After you’ve chosen a domain name, select a title to choose what you want to call your website.
Simply log in to your account and you’ll have full access to the WordPress dashboard to edit your website, add content, change the theme and make it your own! People are always asking how to get a website for free, so I want to demonstrate how easy this actually can be.

It only takes a few minutes and you can sign up for free, you don’t need to pay anything to get started.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I’m going to demonstrate how to use the free website builder inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate.
This is unlike a premium website because the domain is not actually owned by you, however the website is still yours to build however you wish. I created this website to debunk internet scams, give tutorials, share tips and tricks and give advice I’ve learned along the way.

You cannot change this later once you get it up and running, so make sure it’s what you want. Learning how to navigate the internet when it comes to making money online can be scary, but check out my #1 recommendation and get started today!

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