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It seems people nowadays want to chat, discuss in a  strange-looking environment instead of working in a classical one where they just only sit down, write on paper, send emails to colleagues or so on. I said that I would install SharePoint 2013 in the next year in the previous post because I didn’t have time for it, but actually when I have taken a look at social features, I’m totally attracted by some of them, like the conversation functionality illustrated below. As a result, I come to a decision on writing an exploration series of new social features in SharePoint 2013 Preview.
Before enabling My Site, you have to create new Web application and My Site Host site collection which is run under the Web Application. In this post, I will walk you through how to initially set up a My Site Host site collection associated to a new Web Application.
Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administration site, and then click Application Management section, click Manage web applications under Web Applications.
In the new popup, you will be wondering why Authentication option doesn’t appear as in SharePoint 2010. Complete IIS Web Site setting as this is similar to steps of creating new web application in SharePoint 2010. In the Security Configuration setting, select Yes under Allow Anonymous setting if you want your web application to be published anonymously.
In the Claims Authentication Type, select whether Windows Authentication in conjunction with NTLM or Kerberos. In case you consider deploying Form-based Authentication, you can select Enable Forms Based Authentication (FBA) and then type Membership provider name and Role manager name. If you have already imported a certificate to relying party, you will then select Trusted Identity provider. In the Database Name and Authentication setting, SharePoint 2013 automatically get information from database server. In the Service Application Connections, select service applications you have created in order to connect to existing web applications. It’s said that we should not run Farm Configuration Wizard, unless you will use only one account used as service application application pool for multiple selected Service application. One of the things I would say is that you should follow Customer Experience Improvement Program because I’m sure you already love SharePoint and do want SharePoint to be extremely improved. In the Web Application setting, select the new Web application you have created, and then type the Title and Description.
In the Web Site Address setting, use the default URL or define managed path if this is put inside your site collection plan. In the Template Selection setting, you will see the selection which helps you choose whether SharePoint 2010 template or SharePoint 2013 template. Assign user accounts responsible as whether primary or secondary site collection administrator. When typing accounts, SharePoint 2013 will automatically query to Active Directory basically and you then quickly select existing accounts.
In the next post, I will walk you through how to synchronize user accounts stored in Active Directory to SharePoint before you enjoy many interesting features in relation to social networking. Let us review the site hierarchy, as presented in this diagram and create a list containing the site hierarchy and access rules. As you remember, in previous article we created a Site Collection altogether with a root Site.
The created Site has been granted access only for the Site Collection administrators, so no one from any department is not able to access the website. To do that, login as Site Collection Administrator (this user was created in the previous step).
We need all our departments having the Write access on the Ketl Company Site, therefore let us add users to the Ketl Company Members group.
In the displayed popup, add the Active Directory groups created in one of the previous steps.

Please note that if you click on the Show Options checkbox, you will be able to unselect the option of sending invitation email for all the added users, as I did in my example. In the Permission section, we do not want to inherit the permissions from the parent site, because we want only the Support department to have access to the new Site. Give contribute (edit) access to the Support Department, and owner access to the SharePoint Administrator group and press OK. Please note that there is a small problem with the new Site – we do not have any way to go back to the parent site – only the Support link is available in the top bar.
After you created all the department sites, you should be displayed the follow screen when accessing Site Content page logged in as SharePoint Administrator. After a little bit research on creating PowerView report in SharePoint, I am going to share my experience and list down prerequisites that you must configure with your system before going to create Power View reports.
And Silverlight is required at all the machines where you want to access power view reports. You need to associate this service to the web applications where you need PowerView Reports.
Power Pivot site has a pre-built Power Pivot gallery where you can store Power Pivot workbooks and reports.
It will launch the power view report designer where you can create amazing Power View reports.
Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the only 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise grade deployments. What I want to do is show you how new social features in SharePoint 2013 fairly attract me. My Site allows you and your employees to share information, contact, documents, blog posts or so on in their own sites. My Site also relies on User Profile Service application so before building a social networking solution using OOTB features, you must create new User Profile service application.
Before doing this, make sure you have SharePoint 2013 successfully installed, and have not run Farm Configuration Wizard yet. I have just installed SharePoint 2013 Preview, so as you see, there is no Web Application at this moment.
This is one of big changes in SharePoint 2013 Preview; Claims-based Authentication now is the default authentication when creating a new Web Application. If you use the option “Use an existing IIS website”, I’m not sure your Web application would has Claims-based Authentication, but you can convert from Classic Mode to Claims-Based Authentication by using a new cmdlet called Convert-SPWebApplication. Select Yes under Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) if you want to use SSL in the web application for particular purpose, such as deploying Active Directory Federation Service 2.0 to trust partner organizations, or transferring encrypted data over the Internet. There are a lot of articles on the Internet guiding on how to configure FBA, however, consider carefully because I have seen many of them make people more stuck on their environment.  I’m not sure if there is any changes in terms of Form-based authentication in SharePoint 2013 Preview. In the Public URL, enter URL of Web application and keep Zone default, we can change these settings later. Type the name of content database .Under Database authentication, select properly authentication types. If you run Farm Configuration Wizard after creating new configuration database and farm as well, you will have selected Service Applications in the list. Open Central Administration web site and start creating new My Host Site collection under the new web application.
An interesting thing here is that when you type first letters, SharePoint will quickly query account in the Active Directory and then let you know a list of results. I’m sure Collaboris is doing very well on SharePoint 13 and will release the next interesting DocRead version in the near future. We will use this particular root Site (called Ketl Company) to store the features used by all the departments.
Just type the group name, and you will be suggested the existing Users or Groups from the Active Directory.

Selecting Yes in the 2nd option will create a link in the top navigation of the Ketl Company Site.
This will create the corresponding groups and grant access to the Support site to the Support Department employees. We can resolve this by adding a link to the top navigation, by clicking the EDIT LINKS in the top of the page. You can move the newly created link to the first position, so that the navigation looks consistent with the parent Site. You can do some tests regarding user permissions – you can try to log in as users from different departments and see how SharePoint displays the content for different permissions. The next articles will refer to customization of the department sites, according to department needs. Formed by the original architects, builders and operators of Hadoop, Hortonworks stewards the core and delivers the critical services required by the enterprise to reliably and effectively run Hadoop at scale. I guess the Beta build will be released after the worldwide SharePoint Conference 2012 which will be held in November 2012 in Las Vegas. Building My Site in your organization is to connect people working in a central location, in order to make a powerful community locally. Moreover, in order for your organization to maximum utilize phenomenal capabilities, you have to get Managed Metadata service application and Search service application involved. If you don’t configure managed account setting, click Register new managed account and then enter username and password.
Anyway, skip Farm Configuration Wizard as a best advice from SharePoint experts around the world. Keep you page at Application Management setting and select Create site collections under Site Collections.
Sometimes I have seen many people don’t care about Description area, but in my humble opinion, Description is actually important when you have to manage a bunch of site collections in a production environment. Please note that the link will be visible only for the users with access permission to the Support site, which in this case is only Support department. If you already have a Database Engine then uncheck the option to add database engine to the installation.
To cross check the installations, see the Power View Integration feature is active in site collection features. To create a Power View report from that workbook click on the Power View button as shown in the image below. In SharePoint 2010, My Site is more beautiful and friendly than version 2003 and MOSS 2007.
Managed Metadata service application helps store properties, information about you like Skills, Specializations, or so on. Also, we do not want to inherit the navigation (3rd option), because we will not be able to modify the navigation of the Support site afterwards.
It has much more rich social features as well, which enable people in local organization to share personal information optionally, useful documents, blog posts or things related particularly topics they have specialized in, and other information. Search service application allows people to search their colleagues when wanting to ask something or meet. On the displayed page, click, the New subsite link and start the creation of the new Sales department site. So, let us keep this option set to No and we will customize the top bar menu items after the site creation.

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