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First we note that we have several departments, and each department has its own requirements.
We have a Management department which might want to have access to other departments’ information, like for instance to the Sales department, while restricting access for anyone to their own information. There are also items that will need to be accessed by all the departments, like vacation requests. You will always have this dilemma – should you create a Sub Site or a Site Collection to group logically the resources in your system. Sites on the other hand can share information – you can define content types, columns, templates that can be defined on the Site Collection level and therefore can be used by any Site that is part of the Site Collection. Considering the above, the right decision to make is to create a single Site Collection which will contain the necessary sub sites. Web Application lets you select the Web Application to which the Site Collection will belong. As we want to keep things flexible, we would choose the 2nd option – use a managed path as Url.

It is always a good idea to have 2 Administrations on a collection, because leaving only one user as Administrator raises problems when the only Administrator is deciding to take a long vacation.
Follow the created link, enter the Site Collection administrator credentials and you will see your first SharePoint page.
This makes us think that we would need to hold each department logic in a separate entity (Site Collection or Site).
This is a generic term and in SharePoint it can mean many things – Site Collection, Site, Library or a particular document.
Please note that the instruction to be followed are valid for both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on Premise.
Click on the small arrow next to the URL and select the Web Application we created in the previous step. However, since we are currently discussing the resources on high level, it would actually mean Site Collection or Site. Please note that after adding the Managed Path, you will lose the Site Collection screen – you will be redirected to the Central Administration page instead.

Also we will be using the most common template in this situation – the Team Site template Collection Administrators will be the users in charge of the management of the Site Collection – they will have full access on the collection. The advisable thing to do is to create first the needed Managed Path and only then start the creation of Site Collection. But consider this as an exercise and as a lesson that not everything works perfect in SharePoint! Please note that when we select a managed path, we will be asked for the name of the root Site name.

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