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Maybe this was easy for everyone else but I have to admit that this wasn’t easy for me. You need to use an URL including the name of the new folder which is different to creating a folder in a list.
So after we can create a folder in a SharePoint document library we now can create them in SharePoint lists.
Sometime you have to create a new list item in a different list on the list item changed or list item created events.
In order to create this workflow using SharePoint Designer 2010 we will use the same approach as in my previous blog.
For this demonstration I will create a workflow which creates an item in a list name ParentList on item created and item changed of Announcements list.

Add another field for ItemTitle column and select the Current Item and Title instaed of GUID. Once this workflow is deployed on the site, open the site and add new item in Announcements list.
I created a new site collection with a team site as the top level site of the site collection.
I go to Site Actions Edit in SharePoint Designer this way I know I'm connected to the correct site. I normally hit the escape key to highlight the default form tag then I hit delete to delete it. The Carrot is sometimes hard to find and it's important that you choose the correct content placeholder here (Main).

As you may know I have developed a tool for SharePoint 2010 Site Provisioning in order to enhance the SharePoint development process which wasn’t able to programmatically create folders and subfolder in a document library or list.
It will create a new item in ParentList and assign Announcements list item GUID and title to the specified fields of newly created ParentList item. Please keep in mind however, that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow.
For value select the function button (fx) and then select the Current Item in Data source and select the GUID in Field from source.

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