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Log in to your SharePoint site as an administrator and make sure that SharePoint Designer and Customizing Master Pages and Page Layouts are enabled at your site collection.
See whether the Enable SharePoint Designer and Enable Customizing Master Pages and Page Layouts options are checked or check them if they are not. After all changes were made click on Save button in the SharePoint designer (you may also right click on the tab and then to choose Save). Right-click on your new master page in the Master pages folder and choose Set as Default Master Page.
If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the PlexHosted support staff. Creating an Approval Workflow in SharePoint 2010 When a document is uploaded to a document library in SharePoint 2010 the content that is published on your corporate intranet might need approval.

You will be given a prompt that will allow you to select the items in which the workflow will run on. The next prompt within this workflow will allow you to assign the approves in the process, the message that appears in an e-mail request to approvers, the due date for tasks, the duration of the task and the rejection process. To do this go to Site Actions - Site Settings and choose SharePoint Designer Settings under the Site Collection Administration header.
Without an approval process users can upload a limitless amount of documents into the portal.
For this example we are attaching an approval workflow to documents that are uploaded into SharePoint, select Document. For the approvers section in this example we will select the manager of the authored group, let’s call him Training User 14, SharePoint will check your directory in which you have configured to make sure that the person exists.

Due to the fact that documents will be uploaded at any time we will leave the due date blank. The Start Options section allows you to customize SharePoint to indicate when the workflow will start.
We will put the duration of the workflow at 1 day and CC Training User 13 on this workflow. For this document approval workflow we will select Allow this workflow to be manually started by an authenticated user with Edit Item permissions, Require Manage Lists Permissions to start the workflow, Start this workflow when a new item is created, and Start this workflow when an item is changed.

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