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The BDC provided a read only view of your line of business data allowing you to display the data in Web Parts, Search Line of Business data, and use it within lists and libraries via the Business Data Column.  It was possible to right back to the data source using BDC via your own custom web parts or by using BDC Meta Man. Every View is manipulated as though it was a SharePoint View, and therefore you can create additional views selecting which columns you would like to display, Categorization, and Sorting options.  The only view type that is unavailable is the Datasheet view. To Insert, and Update items, a form is used which is selected from the External List ribbon.  The below form is an example of the out-of-the-box New Item form which was created at the time of creating my External List. In my example, I am going to add a validation rule.  Each time my stock level is below 5, it will become clearer as the text will be formatted in Red and Bold.
Once you have made all of your required changes, you can submit the form back to the External List by choosing File, Publish, External List.  That is it! For anyone still having this issue, this is due to the timezone settings in your sql database versus the timezone settings of the user entering the data. How to create a List Definition and List Instance using the SharePoint user interface and Visual Studio 2010.
For example: a Computer Configuration list definition could be created for later creation of actual lists like Desktops and Laptops.

In the appearing dialog, enter the name for the template, for example: Computer Configuration Template. Please note that you need to derive it from Custom List as we are going to create custom columns for the List Definition. Most of the free time he will be doing technical activities like researching solutions, writing articles, resolving forum problems etc.
The AllItems.aspx shows all columns, wich i referenced with FieldRef, but in the default edit and newform i have still only the title column.
I reffer you to this page which has complete walkthrough to create lists with form support.
You can define fields and content type in elements.xml of the list, this will save you time from creating modules. My experiences as an Architect, Consultant, Administrator and Developer with SharePoint and its related products.
So you have got a custom list created and wanted to make it as a List definition, so that anyone can create instances of the list which has lot of customized columns.

We can get the Field Schema XML from Visual Studio 2010 Server Explorer or Using SharePoint Manager 2010. List Instance's TemplateType and List Template's Type must be Same to create List Instance of the particular List definition. SharePoint automatically uses your windows environment regional settings, but you can change this through your user settings in SharePoint, to match that of the database. Follow these steps to create a custom list definition in SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio. All you have to do is: Create a Content Type Project, Add relevant fields to the Content type.

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