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Creating a custom layout for a Publishing site in SharePoint 2010 is not very difficult to accomplish, but there are a few steps that that might cause you hang ups if you didn’t know where to look.
Open your Publishing site in a browser, and in the Site Actions menu, select Site Settings. On the Master pages and page layouts page, in the Ribbon, under Library tools, select Documents. On the New Page Layout page, you will be asked to provide basic information regarding this page layout. Once you have made changes to the page layout as required, you will have to check in, publish and approve the layout before a content page can use it. You are now ready to add a new page (or open an existing page that you want set to use your new layout). Hopefully this has been helpful and once you have tried this a few times you will find endless opportunities to create custom page layouts as needed. Should I create any control so that author can add these details and the content is added to the page whenever author need to add new block? What this allows you to do is create a custom div tag, header tag, span tag, etc that can be automatically placed around a content block with custom styling.
These markup Style blocks can be added into general content editors as well as Content editor web parts. Can you confirm that I should see the Publish tab in the Ribbon in a Publishing Site with proper permissions? Based on what you are describing it sounds as though SharePoint 2010 is behaving correctly. The publishing tab will only appear on sites and pages that require approval, which you were able to see because you only had a publishing tab once you turned this on. Now once this has been turned on for a given page, the publishing tab appears, but the Publish button in the Publishing ribbon is greyed out.
Hi, I created the layout as you instructed, but noticed in SPD 2010 that the layout is broken from the site definition. Using the steps that I specified in this blog post, Sharepoint is creating a new page layout that is ghosted.

You will want to look into the TextField Control or the FieldValue Control to access the metadata of a particular page. Assuming this, you could then display your Title field while in Display mode or a editable text box while in edit mode with the following in your page layout.
If you activated both the site collection and site level publishing features, yet you get a File Not Found error when you navigation to the Master Page Gallery, i.e. I will show you how easy it is to quickly create your own custom page layout using a simple example. In the Documents menu, select New Document found on the left, and then in the New Document sub menu, select Page Layout. By default you will want to leave the Content Type Group set to Page Layout Content Types and the Content Type Name set as an Article Page.
You will see that your new page layout has been added, although its Approval Status is marked as Draft.
If you would like to add a new page, click on the Site Actions button and in the Site Actions menu select New Page.
Once the new page has been added, you will be taken to the new page, already opened to be edited.
If you followed these steps and did not make any changes to your new page layout then most likely once your new page layout has been applied, you will have a content page with not much to do. I have been looking to write a more detailed blog post on custom Markup Styles, but basically when editing a page, go to the Format Text tab under Editing Tools and look for Markup Styles.
This is most likely because you have either not now checked in the file, or you have not yet Submitted the page for approval.
I have found that if I am logged into a site as a site collection admin and submit a page for approval, once I then click on the Publish button I am eventually told my SharePoint that I do not have any pending publishing tasks.
Could you please post or send some link to Create a Master Page or How to edit the master page (Adventure Works) for a Publishing Site using SharePoint Designer. I have the title as single line of text field and the image as hyperlink field to the image. You can set the URL name to a filename that describes this  layout although it is up to you.

I am now going to skip a few steps as the next few steps depend on what you intend to do with this new page layout.
Fusce posuere, magna sed pulvinar ultricies, purus lectus malesuada libero, sit amet commodo magna eros quis urna. This means that once you then try to make an edit to the file, you end up unghosting it, thus it is no longer linked directly to the site definition, i.e. This way you can modify the elements.xml file defines where your page layout goes in the Master Page Gallery so that it is ghostable as well as pre-defined with the layout you desire.
If you are receiving a 404 error then it sounds as though the Master Page Gallery library has become corrupt. By default, the new page layout will look similar to the image below in SharePoint Designer. If will be up to you to modify the page layout content areas to add web part zones, controls, new layouts, etc. Side note, you should be able to enable the Pages list so that all list items (pages) require content approval.
I have found that even though I am a site collection admin I have to add my account to the Approvers list as well. If you go this route I suggest that you create and debug your page layout first using the technique in the above post or my other suggestion, adding the page layout in SPD. Someone may be able to tell us why this is required, but I do not have a good answer myself. This is not a deal killer although there is a performance hit because your page layout is now stored in an unghosted form as well. You can transfer over content areas from existing page layouts, make any updates as needed, etc.

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