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TemplateToaster helps Joomla developers in creating standardized and professional templates.
TemplateToaster offers some presets for menu, you may choose a preset and start designing it. TemplateToaster allows to set different typography for each of these- headings, paragraphs, active link, visited link, and hover link, table, ordered list, and unordered list.
You can see in the above screenshot that how many options are provided to the user for designing the content. TemplateToaster provides the default module positions above and below the header, menu, slideshow, and footer, which are based upon BOOTSTRAP grid system.
The conventional layout settings (border, height, margin, and width), background effects, and insertion of image, ability to draw text area, add and configure the social media icons, inclusion of lists and links. Since TemplateToaster supports BOOTSTRAP 3, you are provided with some bootstrap controls, which are buttons, text box, pagination, breadcrumb, label, badge, and alert.
TemplateToaster automatically creates VirtueMart compatible Joomla templates while exporting the template. You can customize the design for mobile and tablets independent from each other and desktop design. All other names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, TemplateToaster is not endorsed by Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento projects.
In the top menu, hover over Menus, then hover over the menu you want to add to, and then click Add New Menu Item. Please note: Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address.

Get help with your questions from our community of like-minded hosting users and InMotion Hosting Staff. Header tab includes background designing options, header layout settings, effects, an option to use foreground image and an option to draw text area.
TemplateToaster has many inbuilt transition effects like blind, circle reveal, fade, radial blur, Wipe, Slide left, Slide right, Slide top, and Slide bottom.
You can detail the layout of menu with a nice color, image, texture or effects and other little settings such as height, width, margin, and border. As illustrated in the above image, when you export the template, check “VirtueMart compatible” check box. When you will design the template, all the styles by default will go to the mobile and tablet view.
Besides, TemplateToaster bears support for BOOTSTRAP3, which makes it so useful for the developers.
Be sure to select all categories and sub categories that you want to show featured articles for under Select Categories. For category blog, you are given the option to choose the number of featured post and an option to choose number of columns to display articles.
In addition to this, TemplateToaster allows you to draw custom module positions in the header, menu, slideshow and footer.
TemplateToaster is a Joomla Template Generator software that has a time saving advantage for the developers and designers. To see if how does its interface look and what options does this software offer, you would like to have an overview of TemplateToaster.

You will find a bundle of logos as well inside the header tab, which are provided free of cost. For beautiful presentation of foreground image and text, you can apply transition and slide effects on them.
TemplateToaster gives three types of sub menu as choices- vertical, horizontal and mega.  In mobile view, the menu automatically turns into Hamburger Menu.
But, with hands on experience of creating a template, you can better know about the usefulness and advancement of it.
What we never actually covered was how to create a featured articles page in the first place! In the same way, you can modify the design, for the tablets, by switching to tablet view and the tablet modifications will neither affect the desktop design nor the mobile design. When you install Joomla 2.5, the front page is by default a featured articles type of page. For example, for each category of articles you have, you can create a featured articles landing page.

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