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The following are some of the common tasks that this site can help you with, broken down into bite sized workflows. We also present two complete case studies where users with quite different aims and backgrounds have successfully used this site to achieve outcomes that may have seemed previously seemed out of their reach. In the Map Builder application you will find a Map Addresses tool that enables you to copy and paste addresses from a spreadsheet, locate them on a map and export the results in Google Earth format.
The following steps illustrate the process of creating a Google Sites account and uploading KML files to it. Double click on the KML file that you downloaded from the Map Addresses tool in Map Builder.
Publish your KML file to the web (using either Google Sites or a web server if you have access to one). You really need a static image of your results to include in a course paper or presentation.

A customer asked how to configure IIS to force all connections to the eControl website to use HTTPS.
Meme Creator - I don't always download a https certificate authoriy But when I do it is to untr Meme Generator at! Use these as a starting, or entry, point to the tools, resources and data held on the site. Once you've completed the simple steps outlined here, you will have a public, personalised web presence for your KML files. Click on Attachments at the bottom of the page and then click on the button labelled Choose File. This should launch Google Earth, if installed, and you will see the location points of your addresses.
Note the URL (web address) of your published image and follow the instructions in Option 2 of Using

Use either ArcGIS (commercial software) or Quantum GIS (open source software) to georeference your scanned image.
See Using Maptiler to create a tileset for more detailed instructions on using this software.
It's a free service and you can upload any type of file and make it available on the Internet. The second method will require you to publish your KML file to the web (see instructions above).

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