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The polycarbonate shell brings to mind the iPhone 5C, but the finish is matte rather than glossy, increasing grip in the hand. I already heavily dislike iOS's design language, and plastering that over Android only makes Android a worst experience (in my opinion). Personally, I’d have preferred this to be along the bottom edge, like it is with the Galaxy S6. This banishes the issue of plugging the power lead in the wrong way around, and also means the phone supports faster data transfer (assuming the other device also has Type-C) and quick charging.There's no fingerprint scanner, nor NFC inside, so the Mi4C won't support Google's contactless Android Pay system when it rolls out next year. The lack of NFC is disappointing when you consider how long it has been commonplace in other Android handsets, but Xiaomi has claimed in the past that very few people actually use it.
That might have been true a few years ago, but thanks to Apple's efforts in the contactless payment arena, it's about to become a pretty essential feature – and it's a shame the Mi4C doesn't have it.The lack of a microSD card slot may also put off some buyers. For an LCD panel the contrast is excellent, with deep, convincing blacks mixing neatly with brighter, more vibrant colours. For a phone that costs this little, it's a remarkable display in terms of quality.Xiaomi has included a sunlight mode, which makes the screen easier to see outdoors. In general it works well – although the shininess of the glass that covers the display does sometimes make it hard to see past the glare and reflections.While we're on the topic of glass, it's worth pointing out that Xiaomi hasn't specified what material has been used here – there's no mention of Gorilla Glass anywhere in the specification list.
While this doesn't preclude the use of some form of protective covering, I noticed that the screen on my review unit has already picked up quite a deep scratch, so it might be prudent to treat the phone with kid gloves.One feature I really liked – which was disabled in the options menu by default – is the ability to double-tap the display to wake up the handset.
I'm amazed that more mobile manufacturers don't include this as standard in their products.Xiaomi Mi4C – MIUI 7Xiaomi, like the vast majority of Android OEMs, places its own UI skin over the top of Google's mobile OS.
MIUI is one of the more comprehensive skins on the market, boasting its own user account system and marketplace, and is now up to version 7, which looks more like Apple's iOS than ever before.

Xiaomi has been criticised in the past for slavishly copying the iPhone maker's every move, and if you've used iOS recently then you'll spot a lot of similarities here.There's no app drawer, as you'd find on most Android phone.
Another "borrowed" idea is alert badges on icons, denoting unread messages or notifications.
Many other elements of the UI are stylistically similar, such as the Wallpaper settings menu.Such shameless replication of ideas would be annoying were it not for the fact that they all work so well.
Xiaomi has combined the best elements of Android – such as a more robust notification system and wider user customisation (you can apply user-generated themes to the UI and even create your own) – with the best aspects of iOS to deliver a Frankenstein-style OS that offers an intuitive and appealing experience.
Every element is meticulously designed and rendered, making stock Android look a bit dull and uninspired in comparison.
New to the Mi4C is the concept of "Edge Controls", which allow you to perform certain actions by double-tapping the side of the phone with your finger.
You can set this feature to take you backwards through the UI, which is by far the most useful application. Most units imported to the West by Chinese resellers will come with the former installed, as development ROMs can easily be hacked and packaged with a wide range of useful (and not so useful) apps.
The main reason, however, is so that Western users can gain access to Google's suite of programs, which don't come with the Mi4C as standard.Even so, you'll want to flash the global stable ROM the moment your phone arrives, which is a simple matter of downloading the file to the phone's internal storage and using the MIUI Updater app to flash the update.
You'll lose Google apps, but it will also remove any bothersome bloatware that will almost certainly have been included by the ROM creator, leaving you with a more stable version of MIUI 7.It also means you’ll have an unrooted phone – out of the box, my Mi4C review unit was rooted and therefore wouldn't play nice with some of my essential downloads, such as the Barclays mobile banking app. While the entire process takes only a few minutes, it might be a bit beyond casual users, so keep this in mind when mulling over a potential purchase.

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