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Driven Sports Craze V2 adalah suplemen pre workout legendaris, suplemen DS Craze V2 membantu mendorong tenaga untuk latihan yang lebih intens! Bahan utama dalam suplemen pre workout DS Craze V2 adalah Betaine, L-Citrulline, Caffeine and Creatine.
Craze by Driven Sports is a fairly new pre-workout that has been receiving great reviews from athletes and weekend warriors alike. At first glance, with the lower levels of caffeine you wouldn’t think that Craze would be too helpful in this category.
It gives me the endurance, focus, and pump to go longer than 1 hour at a time and I still have energy. At first glance, it doesn’t look like it would have too much kick because of the low caffeine levels; but they’ve thrown in a few ingredients known as “Nootropics” which are shown to increase focus and brain function. This is certainly one of the lower price per serving ratios out of all the pre-workout supplements we have here.

From looking around on the web, the general ratings seem to be pretty standard; its not the best tasting supplement, but its not horrible either. The best thing I like about this preworkout supplement is I sweat like crazy so I know I’m burning fat and building muscle. Agar tubuh tidak beradaptasi dengan efek suplemen pre-workout baiknya konsumsi suplemen ini 2-3x saja setiap minggu, tidak disarankan untuk konsumsi setiap hari. Energy merupakan kombinasi suplemen amino dan Nitrix Oxide yang membantu meningkatkan tenaga selama berlatih serta mengoptimalkan pemulihan otot yang dirusak dalam intensitas tinggi.
I wasn’t expecting much when I first tried it, but the focus it gave me was pretty intense, like “tunnel vision”. Driven Sports recommends no more than 2 scoops, so even if you need that second scoop, the price is still pretty fair in comparison to other supplements. Although the focus that I mentioned above continues on after the workout, they don’t really include much to help your muscles keep going.

Other than the L-Citrulline helping to delay muscle fatigue and soreness, theres not much else. They also throw in some Betaine Anhydrous which has also been shown to help increase strength and overall performance.
On the plus side of that is without the Beta Alanine, it won’t make your skin feel itchy which I know some people really dislike. As for mixability though, I found there was some left over residue at the bottom that eventually gave it a slight chemical taste.

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