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Singapore Sports Council announced today that the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federations National Sports Association status has been revoked with immediate effect. Tripp initially chose to ignore FDA recommendations to voluntarily recall the B vitamin product, destroy any remaining stock, and to warn consumers about potential risks of injury.

The revocation is in response to the recent developments in SBBF, which had called into question its ability and credibility to carry out its responsibilities and obligations as the national governing body for the sport of bodybuilding. The popular website also has removed Craze from its list of nominees for 2013 Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year. Delthia Ricks reports in Newsday that Tripp, believes the situation with her product is part of a government ploy to drive small vitamin-makers out of business. Voluntary recall of offending products by dietary supplement marketers is the most typical response to FDA warning letters are the most common way that adulterated supplements are taken out of circulation.

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