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Do you ever wonder what fitness experts like personal trainers and group fitness instructors are talking about when they say, “this exercise strengthens your core muscles?”  Ever feel too silly to ask what your core is and why we need to train it?   Here is a simple definition of the term “core muscles” and 3 reasons to train them.
Definition: Your core muscles include your abdominals, all the muscles in your hips, and the muscles that run up and down your back. Some of them can’t be seen no matter how hard you train them because they are buried deep underneath other muscles, and therefore are often overlooked while working out.

Strong core muscles provide your body with balance and stability during daily activities such as standing, sitting, bending, walking, running, carrying groceries or picking up your child. Most core exercises can be done at home without the use of gym equipment, so make sure you include core exercises into your workouts or while you watch television.  You can hold a plank or perform a bridge easily on commercial breaks so there is no excuse!!!   Follow the links below for instructions on how to perform planks and bridges.

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