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As the summer heats up, sometimes it can be tough to think of healthy eating snacks that are suitable for a hot day.
It’s no fun eating something that has gone lukewarm in your handbag, so why not try some of our ideas below. They’re perfect for a hot day when the sun is out and you are focused on losing your pregnancy weight by eating healthy food.
Frozen Watermelon – freezing fruit as a snack isn’t new, but who knew that frozen watermelon tasted so good? Minty Cucumber Water – finely slice a small cucumber and add to a large jug of iced water or sparkling water.
Homemade Dip – try our recipe here for a refreshing Beetroot Dip that you can serve with chopped carrot sticks. Homemade Mango Icy Poles – use your favourite seasonal fruits to make homemade ice blocks like these ones.

2 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream – this tastes like a super indulgent rich ice cream, but in fact all you need is frozen banana and some peanut butter. Mini Frozen Yoghurt Cones – take some little ice cream cones with a flat bottom and fill with thick Greek yoghurt.
Fruit Kebabs – we love this recipe as you can tailor it to whatever fruit is on hand – plus the tasty orange dipping sauce is divine. Chamomile Iced Tea – brew up a pot of chamomile tea in the morning and when it’s strong enough pour into a jug. Frozen Oranges – these are great to take along to the beach or the park as they thaw out on the go and are perfectly chilled when you want to eat them. Smoothie Pops – if you make too much of your Healthy Mummy Smoothie in the morning, pour the leftovers into ice blocks moulds to make a super nutritious icy pole. I started the Lose Baby Weight program and weight loss diet after the birth of my second child.

Exercising for Two includes simple instructions, beautiful images and clear explanation of safe sensible exercise options for a healthy pregnancy.Following a safe and sensible pregnancy exercise program can have real benefits for you and your growing baby.
Place on a chopping board and freeze until firm (or place in an empty egg carton to freeze). Exercising for Two provides sound prenatal fitness advice and a range of exercises to suit your individual preferences and needs, allowing you to keep fit with confidence and reap benefits for a healthy pregnancy.
The delicate flavour of cucumber is added to the water, offering a refreshing alternative to plain water.

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