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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Human Resources team recently took part in an HR Forum organized around the theme of Celebrating Diversity. The HR team took a look at the demographic distribution in the University and examined the potential implications of generational differences on career development, communications, employee recognition and employee engagement, inspired by the work of Greg Hammill of  the Silherman College of Business.
This diversity in demographics presents interesting challenges in meeting vastly different needs and demands, be it in career development, organizational structure, reaching out and how to reward.

The objective was to further sensitize our HR community to the scope and value of our diversity and to ensure its application in our service delivery. They are said to be the optimists who value social involvement – perhaps attributable to the social fabric of change that characterized their early years.  Unlike those before them, they tend to view education as a birthright. They are focused on social responsibility and, because of technology, much of what they experience is “in real time”, which means they are more spontaneous in their approach.  They are adept at multitasking and they thoroughly enjoy working with other bright, creative people.
Reflecting on the session, Johanne Houle, Director, Organizational Development, and her team are gearing their programs toward reflecting this new reality.

I hope you can share my sentiments when I say, HELLO FLAT-STOMACH, LEAN-LEGS, LEAN-ARMS BIKINI BODY! They risk becoming workaholics (the risk is not exclusive to them) and take great satisfaction in personal fulfillment.

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