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As noted in the forums at our sister site Touch Arcade, Apple has apparently made a change to its App Store app review policies, no longer permitting users who have obtained applications via promo code to leave reviews for them. I downloaded State Farm's driving application yesterday and it was a serious piece of crap.
Yea right, its so completely obvious when you look at App reviews and there a dozen who give it 5 stars and slobber over, and every single other review comes in at 1 - 3 stars with lots of complaints and gripes. On one hand, I can understand the logic behind it with being concerned that developers would be giving out promo codes in return for 5-star ratings. Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced on March 30. Popular team communication service Slack today launched a voice call feature for its Mac and iOS apps, significantly expanding upon its previously text-only chat environment. Up until now, Apple has limited promo codes on the App Store to app downloads and hasn’t allowed developers to offer codes for in-app purchases and Newsstand issues. While users aren’t forced to enter a promo code manually in the App Store, visiting an EA website sends users to the App Store and automatically redeems the code for the in-app content. Apple’s developer documentation for promo codes currently states “Promo codes don’t work for In-App Purchase products, including Newsstand issues,” but it has unofficially supported workarounds in the past that developers have used to offer free in-app content for promotions. It’s also a possibility that Apple is allowing the in-app purchase codes through its App Store Code Program that offers developers the ability to run special promotions. Apple uses the program to let developers offer, for example, more than the usual 100 promo codes per app version and EA has used the program for several promotions in the past.
This is most likely Real Racing 3 taking advantage of the App Store Code Program announced at the Tech Talks last year.

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Das 70-teilige iFixit Pro Tech Werkzeugset fur Computer ist der Industriestandard unter Reparaturfachleuten und Hobbybastlern und perfekt geeignet fu?r die Zerlegung von Laptops, Mobiltelefonen oder Fluxkompensatoren jeglicher Bauart. Weitere Informationen und Bestellmoglichkeit fur das iFixit Pro Tech Werkzeugset fur Computer. Das 13-teilige Hama Schraubendreher Set fur Apple Macs ist ein hochwertiges Universal Schraubenzieher-Set u.a. Weitere Informationen und Bestellmoglichkeit fur den Pentalobe-Schraubendreher fur das MacBook Air. Weitere Informationen und Bestellmoglichkeit fur das Callstel Werkzeug-Set zur iPhone-Reparatur. For example, a blogger or journalist who might want to write an article about it, or rewarding a beta tester with the full version. I looked at the reviews and noticed a pattern: The first reviews were all 5's, including one person who said he worked for State Farm! However, as noted by 148apps, EA is currently offering promo codes that allow users of its Real Racing 3 iOS app to get an in-app purchase normally valued at $1.99. Mosaicking with Emoji
Use emoticons to create your own style or pattern of emoji pictographs such as heart, umbrella, etc. Dieser Pentalobe Schraubendreher ist fur die Schrauben des MacBook Air (Late 2010) geeignet.

This is the reason for our feedback page - to create a forum where our users can vent, praise or share whatever feelings they have to allow us to meet your needs, and grow as a company.
This would allow developers to get good feedback about their apps from reputable sources while making potential buyers reading through the reviews aware of which were made by those who received the apps for free to review them. 54 Bit Driver Kit sind alle essentiellen Bits fu?r Arbeiten an Elektronikgeraten enthalten - weit mehr als man fur die reine Mac-Reparatur benotigt. Nicht enthalten sind Pentalob-Schraubendreher fur die funfblattrigen Spezialschrauben des MacBook Air und ohne ebenfalls kein iPhone Werkzeug.
Bei Bestellung via Link zu Amazon steht bei allen Artikeln (ausser einem): Dieser Artikel kann leider nicht an den von Ihnen gewunschten Ort versandt werden. Hier ist man quasi auf der “sicheren Seite” und muss nicht bei der nachsten Reparatur einzelne Schraubenzieher nachkaufen. I am sorry to inform that it is no longer possible to rate or review an app if it was downloaded using a developer's promotional code. I would also encourage you to share this link with all of your friends and family who wish to submit the feedback, and have them all submit the same request.Details on just what promo codes are affected by the change are currently unclear, as posters in the forum thread indicate a variety of experiences when trying to review apps for which they received promo codes, with some reviews being permitted while others are being denied.
Gerne wurde ich Ihnen ein Bild der Bestellung mailen, aber das geht hier leider nicht… Wie weiter?

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