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In reality if you are an affiliate marketer from India you will really find it difficult to sell products and make money. This is equally applicable to other Asian countries where Clickbank is not that much successful. The first and foremost reason why Clickbank is not a success is lack of E-connectivity in India. Quantity does matter here if more individuals are joining Internet daily then only it is going to make any difference. In china there are about 500 million internet users but in India the number is still very low. Let’s hope that as India grows more and more people will be connected to the Internet and your opportunities may increase to make money with Clickbank. They are not capable of swiping their credit cards because they do not even have a bank account. If you know per capita income of USA is about $48,000 hence affiliate marketers in that country can get a lot of customers who are ready to swipe their credit cards for some great products and it makes the Clickbank success there. As any affiliate marketer of Clickbank knows that you make money through selling eBooks or software products. In one sense this good thing however lack of reading capabilities makes them less attracted to books online.
For your information let me tell you in China a book is called best seller when sales are in millions but in India it becomes best seller when sales is only few thousands. Next factor that is not allowing affiliate marketers to become successful with Clickbank would be lack of very affiliate marketers who can reach out to needy audiences or people who are desperate for solutions of their problems. Only few dare to promote Clickbank products here in India because they know there is no one who is going to buy products like eBooks and software programs in India.
Most of the affiliate marketers who are making money through Clickbank are from USA or other English speaking countries.
They are not willing to sell hardcore products which may earn them anything between $30 to $100 per sale. Hence affiliates can wait for some time in meanwhile they must hone their writing skills because in the end you have to persuade your customer to buy things. After much research I have been buying dog foot and some dog items like clippers, and apple cider vinegar (ACV) online.

Hey Priya what a nice blog that consists information about why the Clickbank is not successfully run in India , the reason behind it .
You can download our package where you get the complete guidance for all internet jobs including AdSense. Affiliate marketing with Click Bank is not difficult as people think in India as when you become affiliater, whole world is your market and one should target English speaking countries as you will be dealing in English ebooks. Google Sniper 2.0 is an online course that teaches how to make money online with a niche website.
Dear Priya, I can not agree with you of the reasons why Clickbank affiliate programme is not a success story in India because internet and ClickBank is a worldwide network and as an worldwide ClickBank internet site affiliate you don’t have to limit your horizon to the country where you reside.
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Hence we must try to analyze those factors because of them Clickbank has not become a success in country like India.
It will really help you plan your career in affiliate marketing in a much better way so that you may avoid failures. In India people who are connected to Internet is very less compared to countries like USA, Europe etc.
If you have less people connected to the Internet then off course less people will come to know about your product or even anything that is going on the Internet.
In fact not just Internet in china number of book readers are in million compared to India where they are few thousands. So purchasing power of people is really a big concern for any one who wants to make money with Clickbank. Until people’s purchasing power increases in this country affiliate marketers have to wait for now.
In fact they do not know that many solutions to their problem can be easy solved by products which are available on Clickbank. So many people who are online and want to buy eBooks have not enough knowledge about Clickbank. Here in India affiliate marketers only promote campaigns like membership to certain dating site.

Therefore for anybody to be successful in Clickbank in India must build a strong network of affiliates that can reach out to potential customers.
People do not trust that transactions are genuine and they believe some one is going to steal their money. It is actually cyber crime that is responsible for this trust deficit between affiliate marketers and their customers. I hope in coming future, if India grows and its middle class expands we can have more people coming to Internet and buying things from website like eBay, Amazon or even Clickbank. First reason would be lack of e-connectivity, second purchasing power of the people, thirdly their way of living, fourthly lack of affiliate marketers, fifth one is trust deficit among consumers and last would be time has not yet come. Is it possible to do affiliate marketing of them (with a write up of my research) on my blog and earn income when somebody clicks at the same or buys the product from the person selling the same? Good Way to demotivate and misguide people , if you dont know how to earn money then please dont tell others they also cant make money form click bank . My Suggestion Is To Every One Just Join Click Bank And Start Earning.Because It Gives You Huge Money Without Any Investment But Need To Little Hard Work. If you have a dream of making money online, and wish to break free from the daily boring routine of a regular job then there is no doubt, Google Sniper 2.0 is for you.
If customers show confidence in online shopping then only it is expected that Clickbank affiliates can make money here in India. Hence before you decide to start your career as an Affiliate marketer for Clickbank you must consider above mentioned factors.
Have to do some more research on the same, and People in India too can make good money with E commerce. Unfortunately their enthusiasm is short lived and all dreams come to an end when they don’t find Clickbank success.
Maybe if we see in the future people in India have started to do all of the facts & figures like America or English speaking countries, then we can consider.

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