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On the plus side, baking soda is not only effective for such skin conditions, but it’s also easily available and low-cost. You will see the first positive result after the first treatment, but for optimal results repeat it every day for a week.
Have you noticed just how difficult it is to clean your stove and your countertops, and to remove that stubborn grease that simply won’t go away?
Is there anything more annoying and unsightly than having to deal with greasy kitchen cabinet doors?
Cleaning and degreasing your kitchen is not enough – you have to strive to keep it clean even when you cook or bake, as this will minimize the time you need to invest in cleaning it. Conventional cleaning products wreak havoc on the flora and fauna, and everybody knows that – if you are an environmentally-friendly person and you try to go green and minimize the impact of your activity on the surrounding environment, then the Heinz cleaning vinegar will definitely become your next best friend! Although many may regard hand washing the dishes as inconvenient, time-consuming or even old-fashioned, the truth is that it can save you way more money and trouble than the washing machine. As mentioned above, peroxide and baking soda make an outstanding team, and they are a great choice for cleaning your oven as well! No matter if you have a stainless steel oven or fridge, dish soap can be easily combined with white vinegar for the best results – you can always count on this mixture to dissolve the grease and make it easier to remove right in front of your eyes!
Glassware can be easily scratched, and that is certainly the last thing you want for your expensive glass baking trays! Once again, cleaning a glass cooktop can be a very delicate process, as you certainly do not want to scratch it – the good news is that baking soda comes to the rescue yet again! As you may already know, bleach does not work on wood or other porous materials, which means that it would be ineffective for a wooden cutting board. Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing off the grease and dirt from your kitchen appliances? It goes without saying that baking soda is an universal, natural all-round cleaner for your kitchenware and all the cups, trays and such – and here is how easily you can remove those bothersome and unaesthetic coffee stains from your cups! Just as the name of this product suggests, you can easily clean your crockpots – and the best thing about the product is that it does not give any unpleasant fumes or odors, unlike it happens with most of the products of its kind. Have you noticed that your sink fixtures start to get all stained, although you have recently cleaned them? Once again, you can use the super-combo of peroxide and baking powder to clean your cookie sheets and trays and make them sparkle like never before! If there is one thing more unpleasant than seeing a stained and dirty wooden cutting board, that is having to keep up with the unpleasant foul smell coming from them, especially if you have cut meat on them recently. You can always hire a professional to clean your bathroom or kitchen appliances, especially if you have more than just a few – however, if you want to save some money and do it yourself, then you will certainly find the following tips and hints to be very helpful! Reaching in-between the oven glass can seem impossible – yet, the grease and food remains always get stuck in there, therefore if they can do it, so can you!

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will never let you down, and they can be a woman’s most trusted allies! No matter if you have forgotten your milk on the stove for longer than you should have, or if you tried to caramelize some sugar and it got stuck on the pot, you can easily clean your burnt pot with some water and vinegar – and this in-depth tutorial will teach you how to do just that! To conclude, there are three main ingredients that you must always have at your disposal, whenever you need a quick fix for your kitchen stove, appliances, crockpots, glassware and such: hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and baking soda.
A good smelling home has a miraculous charm of its very own, that not only makes the whole atmosphere pleasant and fragrant, but also keeps your mind healthy and happy! Setting a kind of a benchmark in a teenager’s life, the 16th birthday is always one of the most special ones.
Nothing can add the much needed flair of freshness and comfort to your life in those scorching heats of summer than some chilling time in the cold and soothing waters of a swimming pool.
Letting yourself immersed in those comforting waters of your home swimming pool is a completely unearthly feeling altogether, making one forget all the hustle and bustle of life for a while. Growing deliciously fresh fruits and lovely veggies in your very own garden has its own charm. Are you troubled with all those backpacks, coats, and lots and lots of shoes lying all around the entryway, keeping things look just so cluttered and unmanaged? How much money have you invested in professional-grade cleaning products, hoping that they will dissolve the dirt and make it easier for you to clean your kitchen? Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try to scrub it off, it simply does not go away? Here is a tutorial that contains some useful tips, hints and pointers that will help you do just that! This is an all-purpose cleaning product that can be used on just about any surface that is not reactive to highly acidic compounds. The washing machine consumes a lot more water for cleaning and rinsing the dishes, which is counterproductive if you want to be eco-friendly or to lower your monthly utility bills. If you ran out of ideas and you want to keep the costs associated with preparing your kitchen for spring to a minimum, then this tutorial will definitely come in handy, for it will offer you a deeper insight into the cheapest, easiest and most efficient environmentally-conscious ways of cleaning your burners! Rust, grease, food particles and all the like – cleaning your oven can be a nightmare sometimes! Check out this comprehensive tutorial to find out how you can make your own eco-friendly cleaner. If you are looking for an alternative to the harsh metal or wired brushes that you would normally use for clay pots or wrought iron pots, then look no further than aluminum foil, for it can turn out to be the best glassware scrubber you have ever laid your eyes upon!
Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the glass cooktop, then apply a wet towel right on top of it and turn the cooktop on for a few minutes – just enough for the water from the towel to dissolve the baking soda and enable its active compounds. However, if you have a white plastic cutting board and you noticed it started to become yellow lately, then some bleach can really come in handy for whitening it all up, quickly and without too much effort!

Do you want to try something new for a change, something that will really help you save time and energy? Check out this tutorial to see just how easy it is to make your crockpots shine and look as good as new again, with a basic multi-purpose cleaning product.
Those white stains are not food or grease stains – they are hard water stains, which are very difficult to remove. Here is a tutorial that will let you in on one of the most precious kitchen cleaning hacks – one that will show you that you do not need to replace your cookie sheets when they get dirty! Do not throw the wooden cutting boards away just yet – instead, check out this tutorial to see the easy and natural way to deodorize and recondition them! Here is a super easy and inventive hack that will help you clean between your oven glass without having to take it apart – all you need is a small metal hook and a clean piece of cloth!
Here is how you can use these two wonder cleaning ingredients to bring your old, stained and dirty cookie sheets back to life within minutes, instead of throwing them away and replace them with new ones. Did you know that not only can you easily remove all the meat particles from your grill grates, but also prevent the grates from being sticky next time you cook your favorite meat with nothing more than half an onion?! The thing is baking soda has powerful antiseptic properties, which counteract any infections on your heels. Dry them well then generously apply some nourishing cream, homemade foot cream or Vaseline and put on a pair of cotton socks. If none of these solutions worked for you and you are looking for cheaper, better and eco-friendly alternatives, then you are in the right place, as here you will find no less than 40+ kitchen cleaning tips every woman should know!
Here is a new way to get rid of the grease and all the dirt and grime that comes along with it, and you will be surprised that you have not tried it earlier! However, this tutorial will show you how to get your oven ready for spring without investing too much time, money or energy in the cleaning process – just let the baking powder work on your behalf!
Turn the cooktop off, allow it to cool for a while then simply use the towel to scrub off all the dirt! All you have to do is to cut a medium-sized onion in half and rub it against the grates – it is that simple! The best time to do this is before going to bed as you can leave the foot cream deeply moisturize your dry skin.

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