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Buying cheap supplements on the high street is always an option but an expensive choice, if they don’t work. The nutrition industry is completely unregulated and it must become a case of buyer beware. The fact is that fillers such as soy, rice and wheat are far cheaper than sourcing better quality ingredients.
Just in case, you think it wouldn’t happen in your favourite chemist (Boots the Chemist UK are a subsidiary of the company, Walgreens Boots Alliance) and are almost certain to follow the same corporate culture.

So how can you tell if you need to take supplements and more to the point how do you know if the supplements you choose, actually work?
Few companies engage in comprehensive quality control from sourcing raw material through to manufacturing with pharmaceutical disciplines. Disclosure: Paul Clegg writes about health issues and works independently with Pharmanex, part of Nu Skin Enterprises, a publicly quoted company on the NYSE.
With the help of some clever advertising, powerful branding, imaginative words and healthy images the public is easily deceived.

Time for common sense to prevail and an inside look into the deceptions created by many of the supplement companies.

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