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Today im going to look at the Simeon Panda Diet Plan and also look at the Simeon Panda Supplements stack that has recently been launched by My Protein. The Simeon Panda Supplements Plan is quite basic, including only the essentials needed to sculpt a ripped, muscular physique. Simeon Panda uses MyProtein as his sole supplement provider, long before he became a My Protein ambassador.
For me, a cheat meal would perhaps be a pasta and meat dish, some peanut butter, or a protein snack such as a myprotein protein cookie or one of my personal favourites, the myprotein protein pancake mix. Of course the quantities of food Simeon eats as part of his diet will differ from what you may need to eat. With a massive social, following It’s only natural that people would like to know what the Simeon Panda Supplements plan and the Simeon Panda Diet Plan is. His motivation for working out was an older kid at his college having a large, muscular physique. I can personally vouch for the quality of supplements that MyProtein offers, and you can read more about them in our many My Protein Reviews. Unlike a competitive bodybuilder, who looks freaky for a select few dates of the year, Simeon Panda cannot neglect or cheat on his diet. When grocery shopping, Simeon plans out each of his meals, buying the foods that his body needs. As part of his diet, Simeon will enjoy the occasional cheat meal on a weekend, however he does not eat junk each day.

Quantities all vary depending up on your goals, body type and activity level, which will determine your macro’s. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Being not just a natural bodybuilder, but also a fitness model means that he can’t just look good for 1 day of the year. You can also save money on all My Protein Supplements using a My Protein Discount Code from Cheap Protein Discount Codes.
If he doesn’t maintain a ripped physique year round, it means that he cannot participate in fitness shoots, which means he cannot work. If I do fancy something sweet, I’ll often have a protein snack or a protein shake with fruit and cinnamon. However the above shows a good example of the types of food that should be part of your meal plan if you want to follow Simeon Panda’s eating plan.
Ultimate Lo Carb 2 bars, for example, have only 3 grams of carbs, with 21 grams of protein, and they taste incredible! With a decade of consistent training and clean eating, Simeon Panda is now a musclemania professional athlete and successful fitness model. If a photo shoot opportunity arises, Panda needs to be in top shape, and his diet is crucial for ensuring a ripped physique year round. The majority of his diet, as can be seen below, is built around vegetables, complex carbs and high protein whole, natural foods.

In our Impact Whey Protein Review, we cover the great tasting nature and the huge number of flavours available. You can follow Simeon Panda on Facebook & Twitter, or take a look at his official site.
If you want to do the same, but are looking for a more authentic milkshake, while packing plenty of protein, check out our True Whey Vs Impact Whey Differences Guide. His gains often come under much scrutiny from his Facebook followers and on bodybuilding forums.
Yes I may cheat every couple of weeks, but to be honest, I rarely crave cheat foods or cheat meals.
Many doubt that even following the Simeon Panda Diet & workout plan that achieving a physique like this impossible without steroids or performance enhancing drugs. I am not here to state if I believe he is or is not natural, however in my opinion people seem to be too concerned with what these Simeon Panda Supplements are. Its just through adopting a different mindset, geared around my goals and training to get the most optimal gains.
Regardless of any decisions he has made in regards to his supplement plan, it still takes dedication, motivation and drive to achieve a physique of this level.

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