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A mission statement is a guiding light for a business and the individuals who run the business. Vision - A vision statement is a mental picture of what you want to accomplish or achieve.
Mission - A statement of mission is a general statement of how you will achieve your vision. Core Values - Core values define the business in terms of the principles and values that the business leaders will follow. The core values tell a lot about the the leaders of AgVA and how they will conduct their business activities and relationships. Your statements of vision and mission should be a single thought that can easily be carried in the mind. Unique Businesses - It is usually more important to write mission statements for unique or non-traditional businesses where the purpose of the business is not generally known. Once you have developed your vision, mission and core values, you can then develop the goals and objectives needed to achieve your vision. Acceptable: Does it fit with the values of the company and the employees?  • Understandable: Is it stated simply and easy to understand? Objectives - Objectives are specific, quantifiable, time-sensitive statements of what is going to be achieved and when it will be achieved.
To lower operating costs by 15 percent over the next two years by improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process. To reduce the call-back time of customers inquiries and questions to no more than four hours.
Ownership: Are the people responsible for achieving the objective included in the objective-setting process? Action plans (tactics) are statements of specific actions or activities used to achieve an objective. Mission: To create and facilitate the development of value-added agricultural businesses. Strategy: Use local farmer leaders with business development skills to develop the businesses.
Strategy: Use consultants to supplement the skills of local farmers leaders in developing businesses.

Action Plan: Create a committee from the membership (recruited above) to talk to Prairie Ethanol, Peterson Organics and Valley Bio-Diesel about who their consultants are, select a small group to interview and hire an attorney, an accountant and an industry consultant. Action Plan: Contract with our industry consultant (identified above) to conduct an industry scan.
Strategy: Provide financial support for the businesses from investment by local farmer members. Action Plan: The membership committee will conduct 10 membership meetings at specified locations on the following dates in June and July. In other words, strategies are approaches AgVA will take to create successful businesses that will lead to a vibrant rural economy. Strategies are critical to the success of your business because this is where you actually outline a plan for doing something and then do it. An example of the statements for a value-added business is included for clarification. For example, you may want to develop a profitable winery or a successful organic dairy business. It will create a vibrant rural economy by creating and facilitating the development of value-added agricultural businesses. They provide the bounds or limits of how the business leaders will conduct their activities while carrying out the vision and mission. To test the effectiveness of a mission statement in a business, ask its leaders, managers and employees to tell you the vision and mission of their business.
Mission statements are important for these businesses so that everyone involved in the business understands what the business will accomplish and how it will be accomplished.
You need to identify specific individuals who have the responsibility for implementing the action plans. If you don’t carry through on your strategies, your vision and mission are of no value. The more unique the business, the more creative and innovative you need to be in crafting your strategies. But, if done properly, they can save money and time and increase the odds that your business venture will succeed.
If they cannot instantaneously tell you both, their mission statement is of little use.

They also need to be integrated with your mission of how you are going to achieve your vision. Creating these statements will help you focus on the important aspect of your business. Because of its unique nature, it is important that AgVA create a meaningful mission statement to convey its purpose to it leaders, staff and members. When people focus on the vision, their daily activities are automatically directed towards achieving the vision. Once again it is a very simple and direct statement that is easy to understand and remember. The vision and mission guide the everyday activities of every person involved in the business.
Also, design your goals so that they don’t contradict and interfere with each other.
Goals and objectives provide milestones for measuring the success of the strategy in achieving the vision. The statement needs to capture the very essence of what your business or organization will achieve and how you will achieve it. To be effective, your statements need to short and simple, capturing the essence of what you want to accomplish. It is often best to do the best job of writing it as you can, use the statement for a period of time, and then revisit it a few months or a year later.
Each of the objectives should be described with a quantifiable outcome to be achieved by a predetermined deadline.
Usually these statements just confuse the reader and cloud the real meaning of your statement.
Each successive draft of your statements should be to simplify and clarify by using as few words as possible.

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