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The HR website contains detailed policy information and supports enabling the implementation of the Research Careers Framework in the SET and HSS research areas.
Implementation communications: Both phases of implementation are supported by College communication briefings to key impacted groups.
Phase One briefings will focused on the employment policy changes for Principal Investigators. Phase Two briefings introduce the UCD Research Skills and Career Development (RS&CD) Framework to Post-Doctoral Fellows and their Principals Investigators. Impacted groups are strongly encouraged to attend these briefings to ensure that they are familiar with the new Research Careers Framework at UCD. Implementation of the tailored model to the HSS Colleges of Human Sciences, Arts and Celtic Studies and Business & Law will take place over June and July 2010.
Thanks to Brian Mitchell, Lead CRC, at Ventura Cardiology Consultants for answering these questions. In my position i wear quite a few hats, especially considering i am the only person in the office that deals with clinical research. My formal education (bachelors of science) is in Nutrition and Dietetics, so when i graduated i started to perform nutrition counseling for patients at a gastroenterology practice where they also did clinical research. Generally, research site look for coordinators that have a college degree in a science related field, nurses, or 3-5 years of experience in a related field to be a clinical research coordinator. What I like about this position is that I get to partake in the development and evolution of medicine treatment certain diseases.
I find science and medicine very interesting, so being able to take part in clinical research, seeing how patients tolerate certain medications and how they may improve co-morbidities is quite exciting. The most challenging part of my job is trying to keep patients compliant with medication and visit schedules.

Where do you see this profession going – for both yourself, and for someone just starting?
For myself i can see this position leading to growth into a possible position at a data management company, project management for developing protocols for future research, or opening my very own research facility. My best advice to someone getting started is to volunteer at a location conducting research. For information on the background to the initiative at UCD, including the national and European context, the anticipated benefits, and the implementation timeframe, please see the UCD Research Skills & Career Development site. The two project phases designed to support the implementation of this Framework are also described. Phase One was rolled-out initially in the Science, Engineering & Technology (SET) research areas, including the Colleges of Life Sciences and the College of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, as they comprise the majority of the Post-Doctoral Fellow population at UCD. Initially when the physicians are approached to participate in a clinical research study by a pharmaceutical company, I will fill out a feasibility questionnaire provided by the drug company to assess whether or not we have a certain patient population, the right equipment, and the proper require staff for a particular study. Almost all research is logged on paper AND on a computer so mastering software like Microsoft word, excel, and Adobe PDF are a must.
Everything related to data collection is under my direct supervision at almost all times, but patients, when they are not here in the office, are not.
When I can see that the patients are glad to see me, and report to me, and feel a sense of value to the evolution of science, it feel gratifying. Help out with small things like taking vitals, and organizing charts so that you can see how research is structured. Those who tend to have a very detailed oriented and organizational persona would excel in this position. Once we are officially selected I would fill out multiple forms that are submitted to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that makes sure we comply with all federal and state regulations to conduct research.

I also took online courses in good clinical practice (GCP), human protection, and medical ethics. Just being familiar with computers and knowing how to navigate through certain websites is highly recommended.
Also, knowing that the data I am collecting can potentially be used to approve a product that can help millions of people makes my job very satisfying.
Being a research coordinator is a great position because it can lead to so many other pathways in medicine and allows for growth within the field of clinical research. After approval from the IRB we would begin a study where i would recruit patients that fit very specific inclusion and exclusion criterion to participate in the study. This would entail attending investigator meetings and webinars to fully understand and become a quasi-expert in a certain protocol for a certain product (usually a coordinator maintains 3-5 studies at a time, so they need to be trained of 3-5 separate protocols.
Also having exceptional communication and people skills is a must because not only are you relaying information to the patient and the data management company, but also to physicians in all areas of medicine, IRBs, governmental agencies, etc. Courses in these fields can be taking for free through governmental websites and provide certification. If they are willing to participate I will present them with a consent form which details everything from what product they will be taking, how often they will be seen in our office, and what procedures will be done. If signed and they enter the study, I take care of everything from drawing the patients blood, taking vitals, doing electrocardiograms (ECG), collecting records, dispensing medication, and pretty much keeping constant contact with the subject making sure they continually comply with the protocol and that I collect very accurate and detailed records of how the patient tolerates the medication.

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