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The purpose of doing cardio when trying to get bigger and stronger is to keep you lean, improve your insulin sensitivity and allow you to eat more calories. With that being said, I would still choose a good fast paced hour long walk on the beach over sitting on a stationary bike inside while pounding away on some brutal intervals. So we have established that low intensity, long duration cardio (walking) is the best option for those who are concerned with any losses in size and strength whatsoever.
The good- intervals allow you to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and keep your metabolism elevated long after you finish doing them. The bad- if you are training legs two or even three times per week, you can not do intervals more than once a week without overtraining. You also have to remember to do your intervals on your training days and not on off days like you might do with other forms of cardio because that will lead to overtraining much quicker.
The ugly- if you choose sprinting as your form of interval training you could get hurt; it's an ugly truth that has to be faced.
When you keep your sprint distances and times very short, you decrease the risk for injury because you never hit top speed and instead spend most of your time in the acceleration phase.
I would never recommend that a non athlete ever try to sprint for 30-60 seconds straight and you should never take that advice from anyone. Bottom Line- Intervals are a great tool for getting ripped, however when your main goal is to get big and strong and just keep fat gain to a minimum, they should be used sparingly if at all. If you are a beginner who also happens to be a ripped ectomorph who has to fight for every ounce he gains (e.g. If you are beyond the beginner level you should always be doing some kind of cardio on a regular basis, be it intervals, moderate intensity steady state, or low intensity, long duration steady state. Contrary to what many people believe, cardio can actually be of great benefit to those looking to get bigger and stronger. The bottom line is that everyone but absolute beginners should be doing some kind of cardio type activity at least three times per week for thirty minutes. Here is one of the main reasons why I don't enjoy doing 45 minutes of cardio after my workouts. If I do another 45 minutes of cardio afterwards, that takes my total time in the gym to close to two hours. This has always been the train of thought amongst fitness enthusiasts and hard core body builders alike. So, it only makes sense that the more oxygen you have in your system, the better it is to burn fat. However, the latest research has shown that shorter, and more intense cardio sessions to be much more effective for fat loss and muscle retention.
Alright, what are intervals and how can they be one of the best cardio workouts you can do?
I'm not going to lie to you, interval training can be very difficult to do so you have to work your way up to it. Now, high intensity interval training has just now started to gain more popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts as a more efficient way to burn fat and maintain muscle mass rather than long, steady state type cardio workouts. You see, steady state cardio training usually involves low to moderate cardio exercises performed at 60% to 70% of your maximum heart rate. However, high intense cardio sessions are much shorter - 20 minutes long and use close to 90% of your maximum heart rate.
Why is High Intense Cardio Training gaining more and more popularity as the possible best cardio workouts for burning fat? One of the earliest research done at Laval University suggests that more fat can be burned using high intensity interval training. You want to know what's really interesting about this study, is that the subjects who followed the high intensity interval program burned 100 more calories per day during the 24 hours, post exercise. From the research I've done, it seems that the most relevant aspect to the success of it's fat burning capabilities, a high intense interval training program, is it's effect on metabolism.
Really, you can incorporate any type of cardio exercise and adjust it for high intense interval training. Remember, high intensity interval training is just that, it’s high intense and it is very hard to complete. For those of you who are interested in maximum fat loss and building muscle, this may be a very important tip for you.
If you were looking for the best cardio workouts to do, try doing high intense interval training, you’ll be amazed at the results. May We Send You Cutting Edge Discussions and Trainings On Currect Exercises and Health Trends? Terry Wygal Husband, Daddy, New Grandpaw (Dado) and Fire Fighter - Serial Entrepreneur with strong ties in the Real Estate, Internet Marketing and Health Related industries.

Before Starting a Diet - If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, you are strongly encouraged to take any suggestions to your physician or dietician for review. We Are NOT Making Any Medical Claims or Weight Loss Or Health Guarantees - these are things that worked for me or others who wrote the articles. This kind of cardio is a little tricky because it can elevate cortisol and lead to losses in size and strength. Let me rephrase that; you can but eventually it will lead to overtraining or at the very least slow down your strength gains.
The thing that will lead to even more injuries is following faulty interval protocol advice. I would recommend sprints above intervals on a bike and even then I wouldn't do them in true interval fashion but more of a traditional speed workout with short sprints and adequate rest periods. Again, don't limit yourself to machines indoors; get outside and drag a sled, run sprints, jump rope or play a sport.
Not only does it improve the cardiovascular system and thus improve the quality of your weight training workouts but it allows you to eat more muscle building calories while staying lean.
For as long as I've been weight training (over 20 years), I can't remember a time that I enjoyed doing cardio. Now, we all know that cardio is absolutely needed in order to burn fat - There is no denying this fact. This is a very simplified version of how the body uses oxygen to burn fat but hey, I'm no scientist and this is the way I understand it to be. Let me ask you another question, how would you feel if you could do shorter cardio sessions (20 minutes) and actually burn more fat in the long run and hold on to more muscle mass? With interval cardio training, the workouts are shorter and much more intense, and chances are, you'll work much harder than you did with your steady state cardio program.
This usually involves long cardio sessions that can last up to one hour - Even longer for those who are cardio freaks. The idea is to use higher intensity levels while burning maximum amounts of fat and maintaining lean muscle mass. A study done by the Baylor College of Medicine reported that those individuals who performed a high intense cardio workout on a stationary bike burned a lot more calories during the 24 hours than those who followed a steady state program. Since it takes so much energy and effort to complete a high intensity interval training session, your body requires more energy to repair itself afterwards. You can be perform high intensity interval training on a stairmaster, elliptical trainer, mountain bike, local track, treadmill, a stationary bike or a host of other cardio exercises. However, the results are undeniable, you will lose maximum amounts of fat and get into the best shape of your life. Why not couple your high intense cardio sessions with high intense, compound movement weight training? Let’s face it, nobody likes doing cardio but it has become a staple in order to get into top shape.
Do not exercise if you have any physical problems that might influence your ability to become more active. Modifications made by health professionals are your responsibility and should be taken very seriously. People will actually get in their cars and drive ten minutes across town to walk inside a gym and sit on a stationary bike and ride it for twenty minutes and then drive home.
You can negate this slightly by keeping your leg training volume extremely low and doing your intervals on the same day as your weight training. Normally it is recommended to do 30-60 second intervals when they are being performed on a stationary bike.
For example, when I was in high school, our running coach would make us do sprinting intervals.
One group used a steady state cardio training for 20 weeks and another group used a high intensity interval training program for 15 weeks. One group followed a steady state cardio program and another used a high intensity interval training program. One group followed a 20 minute high intensity interval wind sprints (8 second high intense sprint followed by 12 second rest), while another group followed a 40 minute steady state cardio program performed at 60% of maximum heart rate.
The fat burning properties of a high intensity interval cardio is due to it's ability to raise a person's resting metabolic rate. It only makes sense because by increasing the intensity of any type of exercise will only increase the amount of work it takes to repair the body. Personally, this is probably your best way to gain maximum muscle mass while at the same time, keeping fat levels maintained or even burning fat. Although cardio has to be done in order to burn fat, it doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous to be effective.

Stop exercising and call your doctor if you feel dizzy, nauseated, short of breath, or if you feel pain in your chest. The great thing about walking is it will not impede your progress in the least, the bad thing is that you have to walk for a bare minimum of 45 minutes to really burn a decent amount of calories and you will not elevate your metabolism much after walking.
Two days a week should be safe and three days would probably be ok for most people as well.
You can't do five to eight sets of legs two or three days a week and 30 minutes of intervals on top of it. We have all seen the Olympics and how winded guys are after sprinting the 100 which happens to last all of ten seconds.
This keeps you at top speed for a very short period of time; usually little enough time to maintain form and not suffer an injury. Also, running with a sled slows you down enough to avoid top speeds and makes sprinting much safer.
Just look at the physiques of Olympic sprinters for proof of this; that his how they train. I think everyone should be doing something like this at least three days per week for at least 30 minutes. You can do cardio immediately after you train, although I prefer to do it on non weight training days or later in the day after training because I am usually too spent after lifting to give it my all on the cardio. This type of training has been going on for decades and is something that most Olympic athletes do in their daily training routines.
We would do an all out sprint for about 15 seconds and than we would rest for about 40 seconds.
The results showed that the group using a steady state cardio program lost more calories than the high intensity interval training group did.
After the study was completed, the high intensity interval training group lost 2% body fat. The group that performed the high intensity wind sprints lost an amazing 6 times more body fat than the steady state cardio group.
By using high intense interval training, you will spice up your cardio sessions with constant challenges and speeding up your fat burning efforts while cutting down on your cardio time.
If you are more than 40 pounds overweight, you should not work out at a high intensity level without professional supervision. That is the great thing about interval training; it elevates your metabolism dramatically for long after you have finished your workout.
Plus, I think we all do more than enough sitting and the last thing I want to do is sit some more while I'm supposedly "working out;" my hip flexors are tight enough already, thanks. It's when you get into the 4-7 day per week, 45-60 minute marathon sessions that you see people at the gym doing (whose bodies never change in the least from one year to the next)all the time, that you get into trouble.
Most of us have seen guys run the 40 and not be able to catch their breath for at least a few minutes afterwards. When you run at top speed for too long the chance for a break down in form and thus an injury is greatly increased. It's healthy and prevents a host of health problems, not to mention that it keeps you in shape and looking good. Doing it on off days is usually a better option anyway because it serves as an active recovery activity and also gets you burning some calories on those days. However, the group using the high intensity interval training program actually lost significantly more body fat. The interesting part is that the group that followed the steady state cardio program lost absolutely no body fat. I would start with three weekly sessions of twenty minutes of moderate intensity cardio; no intervals.
Of course, there may have been other variables involved that could have accounted for the 0 fat loss for the steady state group, but regardless, the results speak for themselves. Not only is sprinting for 30-60 seconds impossible for most people but it also greatly increases the risk of injury. The event would be the actual sprinting and the space in between would be considered the resting period. And remember there are actually things known as real bikes that go outside, not just stationary bikes that people park themselves on to watch Oprah. Although, if you choose that route, get one with a well padded seat that will not lead to the death of your sex life.

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