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A lot of people get all confused when it comes to protein powder, weight gain powder and protein shakes. Yes, their product will make you gain weight but so will a bucket of sugar and sugar is a lot cheaper. Remember, a protein shake is a product that contains protein powder, a liquid (milk, juice, or water), flavors ( fruit, chocolate or peanut butter), sweetener (honey, sugar, or artificial sweetener) and typically lots of supplements. In order to be a successful boxer, you need to have endurance, strength, speed, stamina and most importantly muscle mass. Make sure you eat complete proteins such as meat, fish, eggs and poultry products which will enhance your muscle mass. The muscles pertaining to the legs, chest, triceps and shoulders must be developed as these are vital for boxing. You need to perform the right blend of cardiovascular and resistance training in order to be able to get the right results.You need to perform cardio intensive exercises along with basic resistance training so as to get the muscle mass for boxing. You need to have adequate rest intervals so that muscles can repair and recover during that period. Examining the truth on training for running, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, steel bending, grip strength and Scotch. Chris: If you do, when and how do you incorporate cardiovascular training into your routine? Chris: What have you found to be the most effective strength and size exercises for thighs and calves? Mark: Lots of Dips,( usually with someone sat across my shoulders), weighted hanging Dips, Close up Bench Press, Cable Pull Downs and Tricep Kickbacks. Chris: What techniques have you found to be the most effective for increasing your squatting and deadlifting power? Chris: What techniques have helped you overcome sticking points in your bench pressing and overhead pressing power? Chris: What techniques have you learned from specific event training that you would like to share? Chris: Do you ever do the Olympic Lifts and if so how do you incorporate them into your training?

Chris: You had written that you don’t do much grip specific training unless close to a contest, but when you get to that point what does your grip regimen look like? Chris: What nutritional supplements do you take, when do you take them and how do you think they help? Mark: I take MetRx protein in different forms (ready to drink, whey powder or a meal replacement sachet) for the extra calories, protein and recovery.
Many protein powders have been found to have toxic impurities in them so you need to be very careful if they are not organic or USP Verified, I would recommend on sticking with the ones that Consumer Reports magazine found to be relatively free of toxic heavy metals, see Consumers Reports Protein Powder Rankings.
Boxing is a sport where you need to have high muscle mass and density.  In order to do this, you have to generate more muscle fibers and this can only be accomplished if you train with consistency and regularity. The more muscle mass you will have, the more force you will be able to achieve in your boxing moves. Vegetarian sources of protein are generally incomplete so you should rely on protein shakes and whey protein if you are a vegetarian.
It is important to be able to ensure the right muscle groups are exercised so that their flexibility improves and this allows ease of movement in the boxing arena.The upper arm muscles are necessary for throwing strong punches and the leg muscles enable quick movements while boxing. You must do warm ups before doing the workout in order to improve flexibility and avoid injury.
In order to avoid injury and overtraining also, you need to have breaks between sets and rest days as well. How do you feel your training with Rob Edmond has helped your strength and competitive efforts? My training is  cardio with strength incorporated circuits, this has made for quicker recovery, being more explosive & finding it easier to switch on, be ready to go. What are the typical amounts of sets that you perform for large bodyparts and smaller body parts?
On heavy days 3-5 reps also increasing weight with each set, so my first couple of sets will be 5 reps, with my final heaviest set being 3 reps. Being a world champion, is there any advice you can give up and coming deadlifters that you wish you had known when you were progressing in your deadlifting prowess? Again being a world champion, is there any advice that you would give to up and coming grip athletes?

Do things like shrugs without straps, dragging rather than lifting, carry sandbags with your fingers rather than using your hands. I’m trying to lose the extra pounds I put on in preparation for the 2 Arnold Strongman Classics I did that were mostly static events where extra weight helps.
Start with the nutritional label, virtually ALL the calories should come from protein and not fat or carbohydrates. In order to gain muscle mass, you must consume 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. To build muscle mass, you need to ensure that you have adequate rest period so that muscles can repair, recover and grow.
It’s actually funny to advise anyone because everyones successful deadlift depends on their build and what works for them, some might injur themselves if they try to lift the way I do. So my diet now mostly consists of porridge, 2 salads, brown sandwich, apples, banana, nuts, 2 MetRx protein shakes and a healthy evening meal.
I guarantee that it can make everyone of us reading stronger and easier for us to get to our goals. Do this quick check, take the number grams protein in a serving and multiply by 4, that is how many calories should be in a serving.
A muscle building hypertrophy program can really help you to gain muscle mass which lead to superior performance in the boxing arena. You should do bench presses, squats, deadlifts and lunges in order to gain muscle mass for boxing.
Don’t believe the ads claiming that mass gain powders help hard-gainers to add muscle, they don’t, they just help add fat!
When you do not have bouts, make sure you schedule your training and stick to it with dedication and commitment. If a scoop has more than 105 or 110 calories then something is wrong, there is either too much fat or too much carbohydrates.

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