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According to a big Veterans Affairs study, testosterone treatments might cause attacks, strokes and death in older men.
The authors and the doctors say that the results of the above study raise many concerns over the use of testosterone gels, patches or injections, which are used to increase low sex drive.
As compared to older men who do not take testosterones, those who take those are 30% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Most hormone users or non-users, by the age of 60, have some or the other heath issue, such as high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol and diabetes, and by the usage of testosterone supplements, they are most likely to get unhealthier.
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It has been reported that chances of men dying due to heart disease is less in those with higher testosterone levels.
About 930 men were included in a study that spanned across seven years which concluded that there was a greater risk of those men dying of a vascular cause or any other cause who had low testosterone.
But experts also added that these results do not mean that men who have low testosterone levels will have heart diseases for sure.
Due to no comparison done with a group of healthy men in this study, it is difficult to state that men with coronary artery disease will have a deficiency of testosterone or an important role is played by lower testosterone in the development of heart disease. From this research alone what can not be figured out are the reasons why men with heart disease and testosterone deficiency may have higher mortality rates.

Though it can be stated that testosterone can act as an independent risk factor for mortality. This study has revealed that older men who have low hormone levels are prone to suffer from more diseases if they undergo testosterone treatments.
Michael Ho, a cardiologist with the VA's Eastern Colorado Health System in Denver said that this research doesn't prove that testosterones cause heart attacks, strokes or death, but it prompts doctors and patients to converse about the potential risks and benefits of using these products.

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