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For a pre-workout, really just looking for more pumps and something to help me power through a workout, and I like the creatine in there for muscle growth as well. Really, you don't need bcaas and all these things, your nutrition-rest-training are much more important than supplementation.
I just eat post workout there is no need to rush btw just making sure to get your macro's and calories in based on your goals would use something like myfitnesspal and check out the nutrition section.
Check out ErgoBlast fantastic energy, focus and pump also includes some Creatine HCL - Also currently Buy 1 get 2 free 10 serving tub's.
If you do utilize BCAA take it with your pre workout, in a fasted state to take advantage of it.

If you would like to try a sample pack of different supplements you can apply for one in the link in my signature. Disclaimer: The above post is my personal opinion and does not represent the official position of any company or entity.
Harnessing unmatched NO3 technology and premium ingredients such as Creatine Nitrate, C4 Extreme is an advanced pre-workout supplement, possessing the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout regiment, workout after workout after workout. Your shake already has BCAAs in it (protein is made up of aminos, and BCAAs will be three of the aminos in there), and adding extra will just be a waste of money.
Supplementing with creatine (don't pay for anything else than monohydrate, dirt cheap and effective) is fine, 3-5g daily.

I wouldn't suggest getting a pre-workout, if anything buy some 200mg caffeine pills, which are dirt cheap and effective; note that caffeine is pretty much the only ingredient in pre-workouts that make you feel like they work.

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