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Good reliable pre-workout, only downside is (like anything) you can get used to it quite quickly and it stops being as effective. Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Speed X3 will not only help push you past failure but will give you the energy you need to blast thru all time lifts.
It’s helped gym junkies, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes everywhere rise to become their own versions of legendary. Beta Alanine produces a tingly sensation throughout the body that lets you know it is working.

Speed X3 uses KEY ingredients like d-aspartic acid, beta-alanine, agmatine sulfate, pikotropin that will help push your workouts to failure. The combination of key ingredients will prevent latic acid build up in the muscle and really help you push new limits. The surge of motivation that hits you at the perfect moment– right before you’re about to crush your workout… The only word to describe it is explosive. Thirty minutes after consumption you will feel extreme concentration and tunnel like vision when hitting the weights.
These product are NOT for use as food additives, drugs, cosmetic, household chemicals, or other inappropriate applications. Everything you love about your favorite pre-workout lives on, and the next chapter of your most epic workouts has just begun.

Specifically designed to help you blast thru workout’s with loads of energy and help prevent latic acid build up in the muscle. Once tolerance has been assessed and you are looking for an additional boost of energy, take one additional serving (1 scoop) with serving taken before training. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water or performance beverage such as Cellucor Alpha Amino to stay hydrated. Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation, which is attributed to beta alanine.

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