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So, what you would have done in 6 months time, you can probably do in 4 months but there is actually no magical formula. Most of us want things quickly and even when it is something like gaining muscles, we look forward to quick ways to gain muscle. So, ensure you are having a diet rich in eggs, beef, fish, poultry, lean meat, legumes, kale, spinach and other fresh vegetables which will contribute to your muscle build quickly.  It will give you much needed energy to keep going and gain muscles. These offer much needed proteins to our body which are the building blocks of building muscles.Creatine is available in powdered form and can be consumed everyday.
But most guys are doing what the Pro’s do, not what they should be doing, because they’ve seen them on videos and read their instructions in magazines like Flex.They presume that what they see professional bodybuilders doing, is the right way to lift weights and build muscle. You can stand by keeping your feet wide apart to the length of your shoulders.You can bend your knees till your butt smoothly touches the floor area.
To grow muscles quickly, it is recommended to try shorter but intense ones which are more effective. Just follow the above rules and gaining muscles quickly will be an easy task for you. Well, actually this is tough but you can certainly speed up the process of gaining muscles. Which I am going to tell you about later in the article.The problem for you, is that the Pro’s are genetically gifted athletes who do not always use good form.
Many of them, not all, advocate lifting very heavy weights to place stress on your muscles.Again, the problem with that is your joints won’t cope with the amount of weight you are using, which puts them at a high risk of strains and even, snaps!You don’t want that. And you do not need to use extremely heavy weights.You need to use an intelligent approach.
Educate yourself and learn how to use an optimal amount of weight to place the correct amount of tension and torque on the muscle fibers, for a long enough time, without injuring your joints and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons).When you gain this important knowledge, you can build lean muscle mass, literally at will.Trying to do what a professional bodybuilder does in the gym is barmy! You can’t see what they are doing with their brain and you don’t know what they are doing when they leave the gym.And, most of them tell you nothing more than ‘lift heavy weights’. They don’t like to give their secrets away!These guys (and women) have masseurs, physiotherapists, trainers and nutritionists, all looking after their body.
Olympia contest, you’ll see him getting deep tissue massages, you’ll see him stretching his muscles at home and you’ll see the amount of nutrition he puts into his body.Most of us don’t have those luxuries and capabilities, or we simply don’t know how to utilize them. So, don’t be a meathead.If I Use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s), Will I Build Muscle Faster? I just copied what the biggest guys in the gym were doing (and taking) and I ended up with a lot pain in my knees, elbows, and don’t get me started on my shoulder pain. I train intelligently and successfully around those niggles now.So there came a point about ten years ago where the things that I was doing, just didn’t make sense to me. I learned, and so must YOU, how to focus and place the right amount of tension on the muscle I was at the gym to train. If you are bent over and just swinging those weights out to the side without protracting your shoulders and isolating that muscle, you are merely training your upper back and trapezius muscles. You might be hitting your rear deltoid with a secondary movement, but it won’t be the primary muscle you are exercising.The muscle you are trying to build, should be the main muscle you are training. You must learn how to isolate that muscle.Make sense?Maximize your results, while minimizing your time in the gym. Sounds like a pretty simple equation to me!There are specific things you must do and also things you must not do, when you want to build a lot of muscle. And when you put all those ingredients of the muscle building recipe together, you can increase your muscle mass exponentially over a short period of time.You must be a scientist.

When something is not working, is giving you joint pain or you just don’t feel your muscles are exhausted on leaving the gym – it’s time to look at your overall plan, and figure out what has gone wrong or what is missing. Learn how to connect your mind with your muscle, so you actually train the right muscle in a workout.
Contract (tense up) your bicep and drive them up, so your forearms finish the rep at ninety degrees to the floor. Keep your upper arm at almost a 180 degree angle to the floor (straight down).When you hit the top, hold it for a second.
Then keeping your bicep engaged, hold the contraction all the way back down to the start position for around 4 seconds. By the way, if you’re using a set of thirty pound dumbbells, you will need to drop the weight by about ten pounds.
SERIOUSLY, when I started working out this way, I more than halved some of the weights I was previously lifting!This is NO JOKE. It is only your mind telling you, and the BS you’ve read in so many magazines, that you need to really struggle with a weight. Don’t believe the hype, leave your ego at the door of the gym and forget about what the other guys in the gym are lifting.Do you want to be a bodybuilder or a power lifter? Engage that muscle (contract it) and then execute for a one second positive versus a four second negative. It is better to eat small and often, than big meals and just eat three times a day.The amount of protein your body needs to grow is a priority. I’m not talking about devouring a Big Mac every day either!Your fat should come from good sources like olive oil, avocados, coconut oil and nuts. It is similar to fish oils.How Many Calories Do You Need?It depends.What is your current, lean bodyweight? I am going to presume that you are genetically challenged, and have an ectomorph body type like me. But your goal is to gain weight, right?So you should increase your calorie intake again, to allow for this growth. This would make your total calorific intake 3700 calories.Now comes the science and good old common sense. But, you might not be at your maximum calorie intake!If you have not gained an ounce of body-fat, then you may be able to increase your calories further, and you will get faster gains. Not unless you have some weird house of fun mirrors in your bedroom!If you notice that you are increasing body fat, then cut back 300 calories and stick to that.If you are anything like me, you may be able to increase your calories as high as 5,000 per day. That’s a lot of food, which can be very expensive and time consuming to cook (I will let you in on another of my secrets later!)Eat only good food.
Your diet should consist of high calories obtained from nutritional sources of white and red meat, egg whites, oats and other high fiber grains, rice, small amounts of pasta and jacket potatoes, yams and include good amounts of fresh vegetables.What about fruit? If you are going to eat a banana, eat it for breakfast to kick start your metabolism or right after your workout.When you eat a sugary food like this, even fruit, your insulin levels spike. The drop in sugar could cause you to ‘binge’ on the wrong types of foods!!Lets get to the all important protein. How much and when?For your muscles to grow, you need around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean bodyweight (remember, your overall weight less body fat percentage).
So if your lean bodyweight is 200 pounds, you need 300 grams of protein per day.Timing of Your Food IntakeYou need protein in EVERY meal.

You need protein first thing in the morning when you wake up (unless you are doing morning cardio), and you need protein last thing at night before going to bed.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, consider taking a protein shake to bed with you!You need protein before and after your workout, so your muscles are able to repair and build.
This will help to keep your sugar blood sugar levels for the whole day.The benefit of that is you are less likely to see spikes and dips in your energy levels, so you won’t ‘crash’ mid afternoon and then need stimulants to get you going again!
I’d eat big carbohydrate meals right throughout the day, come the afternoon my eyes are closing, and my body needs to rest. Then go back to my job, drink a ton of coffee and start again.Things are very different today. Sorted!Your last carbohydrate meal before your workout should be at least two hours before you start. You may even feel sleepy after a big carbohydrate meal!Huh, sleepy when you get to the gym?!Not a great idea.
If your main protein source is chicken, turkey or steak, you can cook it and make up individual meals with your rice and veggies and freeze it.
You can even freeze your rice!All you need to do then is go to the freezer, grab a tub and pop it in the microwave! The number one supplement you should always have in your kitchen cupboard is a quality protein powder.
You would need an extraordinary amount of food, which, if you are a newbie ‘gym-rat’, you won’t be able to cope with.So you should supplement some of your meals with a quality protein shake. It absorbs much slower than other protein sources of protein.There is a bombardment of bodybuilding supplements available to you, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding them. Should you take them, or should you just stick to protein power and maybe creatine?Some of the top professional bodybuilders suggest that you should get your nourishment from your food, while others advocate staking several supplements throughout the day.So, what do you do?Money is an issue for most. And you may be taking something that has no real benefit for the money you need to spend.Our suggestion at QBX Fitness is to ensure that you have all your vitamins and minerals every day, plus a pre-workout stack and a post-workout stack. Get your nutrients into your system, because your nervous system and neurological system will LOVE YOU for it. Seriously!500mg Krill oil (My Secret Weapon – this is the highest potency omega-3’s you can get.
But they are really only necessary to a professional bodybuilder or anyone who lives like one!Decide what supplements you need, based on your goals. But, for anyone looking to gain a huge amount of muscle, then we would encourage you to invest your time researching what every supplement will do for you, and then invest in the right supplements over and above these lists.Rest and RecuperationFinally, but no less important that pushing weights around the gym, is to make absolutely sure you get enough rest and recuperation. Getting the right amount of sleep is vital to your health, not just your weight training program.
Your muscles will suck up all of the nutrients you’ve eaten throughout the day, repair and build your muscles BIGGER than the day before.
He also had a very early interest in interest in weight training, fitness and nutrition, and started lifting weights at just 16. Now having over thirty five years experience in bodybuilding, resistance training and cardiovascular health, Andy shares his vast knowledge with you on this site hoping that you can take away a minimum of one small idea and put it to use in your own fitness regime and make a huge difference to to it.

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